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November 21, 2019


Saeed Malik

I love the line:
Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.

Lopeti Senituli

Thank you for introducing me to Mr. Rogers! I have never had the pleasure of watching or listening to any of his programs growing up in the Pacific Islands I now realise what I have missed out on but will do my best to rectify that in my old age!

A Friend

It is you I like… I browsed through some of his videos and it is so inspiring and true. If only there are more goodness in this world. We need more helpers.
Thank you for sharing this.

Mary Abel

Thank you my friend! I grew up watching Mr Roger’s Neighborhood; he is such an inspiration. His lost art of companionate humanity is greatly missed!


I watch one Mr Rogers show every day as I have done since 1966.


Thank you Anand for a wonderful reflection and a reminder to thank everyone who have helped us to be who we are 🙏

Mom from across the seas

Ive never heard of mister Rogers, not until I saw the trailer for the movie where Tom hanks will star as mister Rogers. Went and google a little more about him and come to realise he’s another person that has a lot of inspirational words. Thanks for the Friday reflection.

humble warrior

cant wait to see his move- out now!

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