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November 14, 2019



Krushna said, "I am happy because I always live the path of dharma (i.e. integrity, honesty with myself & appropriateness of emotional energy).

The line by Gandhiji as pictured above on happiness is quite in coherence with Krushna's words.

It is all about personal integrity, i think. Then everything else follows. Absence of personal integrity is a lack of harmony within our self. And a lack of harmony is the presence of conflict & tension. Conflict within our self is a guarantee of unrest.

Peace & Happiness are necessarily the conditions of innate or internal Equilibrium & Stillness. Really hard work! :)



Pinoy Friend

An excellent reminder to us all. Thanks 🙂


Very true!
We should look inwards before pointing fingers at others!


Good reminders and makes me think of the Stephen Covey quote about when you talk about another person talk as if they are in the room with you even if they are not.

Thank you for the reminders!


Even a bucket requires maintenance.


I read this just now. Decided to be practice in full. Period. So many flaws I had although, no malice to anyone.Just today I was talking about a friend. In retrospect I realized I was criticizing him. Your blog made me very conscious of that and I thought “God what was I doing , without knowing….”

Piyush Shah

Excellent . Need to put in practice in totality

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