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October 10, 2019



What a great reminder! big thumbs up for this post...

Pulao Penang

Really like this week reflection👍🏽😀
Thanks you for sharing and this reminds me of how important to show our appreciation

Friend from miles away

I appreciate you and your sharing. Thanks from miles away. I learnt so much


Thanks again for the reminders and sharing of your life experiences. I tend to believe that we should be "glass half empty" mindset for our business and "glass half full" for the people we work with. So many of my long term associations have started because I appreciated an action from somebody which made the other person feel happy. And you know how our relationship started as well with that note about you writing Friday Reflections every week :)


Showing gratitude goes hand in hand with humility. It's part of acknowledging that none of us would have accomplished or experienced what we did without the help and support of others; and that life is fundamentally a cooperative (as opposed to competitive) exercise.


Great post, my friend. Showing appreciation to those we have the blessing to interact with is truly is the easiest way to walk in God’s light each day.

Thank you for sharing and sending these!


A very good habit worth emulating!


What a beautiful series of stories, thanks so much for sharing them.
Cheers and best wishes,

Down Under connection

Very true and plan to appreciate and let others know going forward 🙏


Nice stories, especially with the lady who was retiring 😊 kindness is really perfect cure for most of the wounds that modern world causes

Madhuri Narkhede

Hello Anand
Nice reflection and reminder to stay thankful and appreciate those
around us!

A note from a Teacher

I deal mostly with kids and this helped me a lot. Praise can get overwhelming for kids. But appreciation for what they do correctly is helpful. I often forget to acknowledge so I appreciate the reminder.


Wow, Anand, you really are a master of "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Thanks for sharing your enriching experiences.

Recently, someone asked about the Jewish book called the Zohar. I knew nothing about it, aside from the name. So I read about the book and flipped through its pages briefly. I also watched some videos on YouTube to explain the concepts of the book. I found that it teaches some fascinating concepts. Here is what I learned:

We humans are all basically greedy, and all of our 5 senses respond to the pleasurable experience of receiving (and wanting to receive) things. But this is exactly what holds us back from achieving our potential greatness, because greatness springs from the ability to give, not to receive. But the 5 senses and the instinct to survive do not seem to encourage giving. So we humans have a dilemma. That dilemma can be surmounted in each of us, and the first step is learning to receive in appreciation of the giver (such as the chef or server of a meal, or the manager of one's organization). By doing this, we still receive, but we simultaneously give back, i.e. we make the giver happy by fulfilling their intention to give, and thus we learn how to develop a 6th sense that can enjoy the act of giving and move beyond the basic instinct that tends toward greed.


Wonderful reflection and very motivating. Makes the world a better place!

hmble warrior

powerful moments of gratitude... thanks for sharing and inspiring my day :)

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