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September 26, 2019



Being Defensive:
I remember the quote of Fr. Jerry Shovelton, “A good conscience is the greatest defender. A bad conscience is the greatest tormentor.” I found this worked for me with (a certain company) as deep down, most of these guys knew they were using tactics and defending an argument in which was wrong. Of course, a shark only believes in one thing, “Eating” and that is another problem.


Thanks for keeping the Friday reflections going….Today’s topic is so appropriate for me… I am sitting down with my boss to go over my strengths and weaknesses.


Good lesson… ego.. the source of so much angst… for nothing.


Steve Jobs never publicly acknowledged that the reason he got fired from Apple was his disruptive behavior. John Scully and Board was left with no choice eventhough Steve got a longer rope.
Only in that statement that he made during his speech at Stanford (in your PTP session) he has indirectly acknowledged his failings.
Had he not gone through that bitter but valuable experience, he would not have been the Steve Jobs we know today.

Ron Vitt

Thank you for remembering. If I had it to do all over, I would not change the bluntness, just temper it with more kind words. The second part also rings true, retired and wanted to grow grapes, that was OK, but selling wine was something I was never cut out to do. Had to get out of that business.

Zhicong Deng

similar saying in Chinese:Just as bitter medicine cures sickness , so unpalatable advice benefits conduct. 良药苦口利于病 ,忠言逆耳利于行


Thanks. Looking back that was a very good feedback and helped a lot. Direct feedback is always good even though hard to take at the time. Anand


Again, what a timing for this article! I just learnt this topic in my Org behavior class and how to give one effectively. The three key elements include a) Context b) behavior issue and c) outcomes it creates.

Timeless Friendship

recycled from 2015 but still timeless.


Very nicely expressed with your example


It is interesting you mentioned hurt and anger but not feeling fear or feeling intimidated.
This say a lot about your fortitude and that in yurn explains your success

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