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August 01, 2019




Till we meet again!

Childhood Friend

True reflections. So relevant.


I agree, Anand! Let’s cherish our relationships. 🙂

humble warrior

"If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello" - Paulo Coelho

Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey

California Guy

My spouse always tells me that I cannot wait for the other person to call me if I want to maintain or reestablish a relationship.

micro Ceo

Wonderful video and images of friends from the MQ network.
Sorry I could not join you all in OR this time.
I often recall being told once there are 2 types of managers: those who are task-oriented and those who are relationship-oriented. But it occurs to me that all good managers must be both. These two aspects cannot be separated, except perhaps to say that Task-oriented management is mostly prioritizing short-term results, while Relationship-oriented management is thinking in terms of long-term success.
Needless to say, Anand, you have an exceptional balance of the 2 aspects, and that is why you are well-respected in the industry.

Pravin Patel

Hello Anand. This is Pravin from the early 70's.

Song Hu

Time flies and just realized I left the company and MQ team 10years ago today 8/3! Hope you can see my note, Anand. All the best!!!!

Thankful from Asia

You can’t believe to fathom how timely this article is in my life right now. Please do keep writing!

Don Lee

Relationship with good memories will never go away wherever we live.

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