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June 14, 2019



Happy Father's Day Anand. I think someone already mentioned this to you, but when I first saw you in AZ, my first thought was - " he looks just like my Dad". As I remember him from my childhood. My Dad passed away when I was in college. I consider 3 men as my father figures- and it has nothing to do with age. My older brother, Prof Alex Van Hook from Knoxville, TN and YOU. Hope you have a wonderful Father's day , which also is everyday.

Comments from 2007 publication of this article: RePosted by FR Team

The picture and the story brings back memories. I would hold my dad's hand and go to market, movies and also watch sunset at Luneta. The greatest gift he gave me was to teach me to stand on my own feet.

Posted by: Marlyn | Jun 15, 2007 7:09:23 AM

My father passed away when I was only 30, over 20 years ago, and I miss him to this day. The most important thing he gave me was a sense of ethics. He had more integrity than anyone I've ever known; that is a great gift to pass along to your sons.

Posted by: Thomas | Jun 16, 2007 4:02:02 PM


I do very well remember your Dad’s passion of talking with people
There is a saying in gujarati, English translation is
“Relationships are a gold mine, never know how, who, where and when you will need it”


Happy Father's Day!
The Mark Twain quote is a personal favorite of mine. So it is that we think we know everything...until later when we are old enough to know better.
I cherish our friendship, and I have always admired the way you cultivated relationships with many people at work, treating everyone with great respect, regardless of your status as a big VP in the organization.
There is a film I once watched (quite by accident on television) called The Last Castle, starting Robert Redford. It is the story of a military general whose illustrious career is derailed when he is court-marshalled and sent to prison for going against the wishes of his superiors at the highest echelons of power. While in prison, he manages to inspire a small army of fellow inmates to stage a rebellion against the autocratic prison warden. The film is a remarkable story about how a great leader can develop power and influence wherever he goes, using the most effective principles of leadership, which are centered on how to motivate and influence others.


Wonderful article! I fully agree with you. This reminds of my young days when I used to envy my father who I thought was having good time whereas I had to go to school, study and take tests/exams. I did not realize that he had gone through the whole grind before he became a doctor, worked hard for the family and now deserves a comfortable life. Now that he is no more, I miss him very much!

Humble warrior

Happy father's day!!! Connecting with people more and more has been a joy since I met you... Learned from the best

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