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May 02, 2019



age is just a number, though it does rear its ugly head once a while with an ache here and there. but 102 is impressive!

Pulao Penang

love this article... aging is a part of process... how to make it meaningful is up to us 🙂


Great wisdom... great reflection

My parents are 78 & 79... they have full days together working in their Menlo Park garden, house repairs, projects (this week dad installed 2 gates, mixing and pouring the concrete himself), taking walks and bike rides, cooking and baking, watching old movies (eg at the Standard Theater). They are very happy and very active ( for any age!).

Thank you, my friend

Malu Reyes

I love this. I was just contemplating this today. I believe one of the evidences that humans are more than flesh and blood, is that as our bodies grow older and weaker, we can know in ourselves that our minds and souls are getting stronger and wiser.


This is beautiful Anand. Thank you.

Santosh Joshi

Thank you for your reflections and reminder .
Perhaps you have seen This on CNN

Humble Warrior

Growing old is mandatory, but Growing up is optional. -Walt Disney


Anand, very nice, painting does that...mahalo for sharing...

ET Manila

Older..We are we analyzed n thn let go if not ok. Guess we hv to step Up n kp our physical body more in tune wt our tranquil n wiser mind


Anand, I believe the purpose of this article is to share the thought that we can make ourselves useful all throughout our life and not fall back to the common wisdom that we become less useful after we get old. Another insight from this thought is that we have a limited life on earth but we live it as if it is endless. Hence, we try to do a LOT of things during our "working" part of our life and waste it on things that have very limited value. We do not apply the concept of "opportunity cost" and say YES to a lot of things which is better to avoid. Another great article!

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