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April 04, 2019


Humble Warrior

Metaphorically well said Anand... So true... I also believe in the power of "When SHOULD becomes a MUST"... To relate to this, when the plane is on the ground it SHOULD get off into the skies to carry out its objective... and in business not all ideas come to fruition. One might ponder I should pursue this dream, I could do this, I should do that one day- but remain on the runway and never take off.... But once the plane comes off the ground and into th skies, the pilot has turned that SHOULD into a MUST... for the safety of the passengers and carrying out the objective of getting to its destination, there is NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN and not turn back.... the plane cannot land in the pacific if it's halfway to hawaii from california... it MUST make it... in business, the ideas will remain a SHOULD until it gets into a point of no return mode and gets into the thick of it and making the dream a reality... years ago I was laid off from my job... and my wife was 8 months pregnant with our firstborn, when she went to give her maternity leave papers from her doctor and give to her boss... well that boss beat her to the punch and gave her, her termination papers... that day my SHOULD become a MUST... 6 years later, My plane is still flying


Very well said!
The four forces are so important to kee you afloat in life and for safe landing!


Dear Anand,
This Avery practical &important message .It is really important for the young joneration.Imagin,put in action,be practical &couragious,persistent & finally Successful. Love Leena

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