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April 18, 2019



A sweet documentary record of the journey of the baby hummingbirds.

Thank u! It reminds me of the line by Khalifa Gibran.... in essence - "Your children do not belong to you; they only come here through you....."

It is easy to forget that they r minds with individual identities (although this itself is an illusory thing for us all), they come with their own ambitions & passions, and they come with their unique natural characteristics.

To guide them along choices healthy for their emotional growth is necessary, but projecting our ambitions & passions upon them is criminal.


Sorry for the autocorrect taking over.

* Khalil Gibran


To Sujat
Wholeheartedly Agree with your perspective about children.
In fact the additional lines from the lyrics of the song mentioned in point to Ponder states
I found the greatest
Love of all inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

FR team

We have had Reflection on your children are not your children. The readers comments are worth reading.

Humble Warrior

What a pleasantry and a wonderful capture.

The circle of life, first taught to me by the classic Disney movie, The Lion King!


Great story and picture…. Thank you for sharing!

Reader from Philippines ( posted by FR team)

Very lovely story... I saw how my mom struggled to cope up being empty nesters especially that my dad passed away already. How to believe in your children and let them be. Now she is happy tending to church duties giving her sense of responsibilities and different kind of achievements.

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