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March 16, 2019



So true so amusing something we hardly notice.
Wonderful writing Anand

Anand ( add to Reflection)

Several years Ago I witnessed this in McDonalds. The father wanting to instill good habits in young boy asked him to clean up and throw trash. “ throw everything in garbage container” he instructed. The young man followed instructions to the word and threw tray along with trash in the garbage bin.

Prasad Vepa

A sweet tale indeed. As another grandpa to four children, I know that innocence, spontaneity and honesty are endemic to children. Truth is natural; lying is acquired. Much later.


Innocence of kids and being present in the moment is key to their happiness. As we get older our fears and desires make us more anxious.

Destined Friends

Innocence n sweetness overdose. Wish life remained as black n white for all of us n hence for these little angels 🤔


Very interesting and true! Children would take you at your word. So we have to be very careful and explicit in what we say!

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