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February 15, 2019


Comments from the original publication in 2012

There are a lot of obvious lessons to be learnt from JLS!

However, there is a hidden lesson that we should not overlook.

It is possible that even after doing all that successful "JLS's" have done in the world and even in a better way than theirs, it is still possible that the desired achievement eludes you!!

The real joy should always reflect the depth of one's effort and not the height of one's achievement!!

I have seen a lot of "HAPPY" JLS's on the streets of India who are true champions of the heart, mind and soul but in the eyes of ignorant passers-by, they are NOBODIES!!

I salute all the JLS's of the world who have tried to follow their inner calls under impossible circumstances.... success achieved or not!!

Posted by: Ronak Shodhan | July 27, 2012 at 03:01 AM

Thanks for the sharing and I really appreciate that. I will always remember your teaching: “pass on our learning to others”, this is also taught in “lead without title” – it has further ingrain in me and has become one of my leadership principle. the thing I can do is to pass on the learning to others 

Posted by: Learner | July 27, 2012 at 05:52 AM

Young and the Restless (received by email, posted by FR team)
I found some time today and watch the movie. It is indeed inspiring. It made me ponder a lot. Though I must admit that watching it for the first 6 mins, I didn’t quite get it. And for some crazy reason, the pecking among the birds in the flock with blood and all reminded me of the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchock. 
Anyway, the one thing that caught my attention was when the mentor spoke to Jonathan about perfection. It made me think about the things I’ve done, and if I’ve strived for perfection. Would it make sense to strive for perfection? And then I realize, just like every other thing, perfection is a perception and subjected to different people, it means different things. Perfection is not perfection per se. It’s not about striving for something to be flawless, but it is accepting that there will be certain flaws in our everyday life but still live like it is the most perfect life ever. At some point we have to learn to be satisfied and appreciative of what we have.
Anyway, I realize that only when we set that perfection level, which is very much like any other goal that we have set, can we continue to learn and improve. But does everyone think that way? Probably not. But then again, are they wrong? I don’t think so. Coz I think that’s the life they choose to live in. Just like the birds that chose to continue to live in the flock, eating garbage and not strive for a better life. Unlike Jonathan who believes there’s more to life than just flying from A to B and eating garbage.
Just like us in the human race, only those who chooses to challenge the status quo gets to see this whole other world of possibilities that most people do not see. Is there a chance of failing? Why of course there is. In fact it is a huge chance. But I think it takes a lot of courage to step out from the norm, coz there is always a risk of people not liking you, people labeling you as the outcast, and at some point you may need to live alone. And that’s not easy.
This movie is so relevant and easily related to us humans, and I am sure it is intentionally done so – to be related to the human life that is; the talk about heaven, about perfection, about learning to find the purpose of living, and more importantly about love and having faith.
The last part made me think about you. And the question I have for you is, do you believe that perhaps you were brought to this face of the Earth to learn, and then to teach and coach others? And a question for me now is, could I also learn and be a teacher to others? Although not many people may agree with my perception about life, but maybe I could help one or two people and quite honestly, that may just be an achievement.
Thanks for sharing. And thanks for reminding me about taking some time to watch this movie. I would have missed out on a lot of things should I not spend this hour and half watching it.
p/s: if only they could have made it a little shorter. It is rather lengthy.
Best regards,
Posted by: Young and the Restless (received by email, posted by FR team) | July 27, 2012 at 08:43 AM

Thanks for Sharing. I am also a big fan of JLS, and I never considered that it might fit into the "hero's journey" archetype. I first read about the theory of hero's journey in an article about Star Wars, another epic that fits the narrative very nicely.

I did not know much about Joseph Campbell, but I googled him. It seems that he was influenced by the ideas of pioneering German ethnologist/anthropologist Adolf Bastian.
(great article here:, and by Jung's ideas about psychological"archetypes". Bastian's central idea was that human culture has strongly universal features.

Campbell applied this to myth and religion and storytelling. Hollywood probably owes him a gigantic debt in the form of royalties!

Posted by: microCEO | July 28, 2012 at 04:44 AM

California Guy
I am reminded of a couple of quotes by Vince Lombardi, a coach of American football:

"Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."

Also, this is a very appropriate time to mark the anniversary of Friday Reflections as the XXX Olympics are currently happening in London. I am currently seeing many FR themes in the stories of the many athletes who made it to London as well as those that just missed out.

Posted by: California Guy | August 01, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Hero's Journey explained brilliantly at

Posted by: Will | August 09, 2012 at 06:48 AM


Every week it seems your blog has a custom tailored message for me. Seems more like a letter to me:-)

Note from India (Posted by FR team)

thanks - i used to regularly watch his shows on PBS decades ago including the Heroes Journey and really enjoyed them.

Humble Warrior


Interesting that the quote at the end said.. "we are afraid"... yet- next they "flew".

I was just having this similar conversation with a colleague of mine, & we recently saw the movie Aquaman together.

The most compelling scene of that whole movie to me was a part where Aquaman was ABOUT to fight the most evil mythical monster ever, the Kraken!

Before he entered the Krakens cave, Aquamans mother knew his son the best and could tell something was wrong w/ her son. She asked him w/ concern, "you're afraid"? ... and he said, with his head down, "yes" ...

The point of where I am geting at, happened next in the mothers answer.... I thought being afraid might have stopped people from doing the impossible or at the least brew doubt in ones mind.

But right after Aquaman admits having fear... his mother said with a small smile and confidence, she said, "you're ready"...

I was amazed by the belief she had in her son. Perhaps having a little bit of fear is a pre-requesite to conquering something. As if the fear propels you to fly. Using fear in the right manor can be asset rather then a liabilty.

Great read Rajiv, keep them coming!

Looking Back

Very thought provoking!
In my ordinary life, i too have wondered what is my calling. What have i done or achieved in the long years i have lived.
Like most people, i too have worked, raised a family, was lucky to have good children. But that is all! Now that i am in the evening of my life, very little time is left. On the other hand, now i feel more strongly about ongoing issues.
Why was i sleeping all these years?
I have many regrets!

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