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February 08, 2019



Not just mothers, it is just about anybody and everbody. The laughters, the curses, the screams, etc., of your loved ones, hated ones, friends,and enemies will all be silent when the journeys end. All these will be just memories and most will never return. The door is closed for good.

Treasure them while you can. Good and bad times or experiences. That is all parts of our journeys. There is a beginning we don’t know, planned, asked for, or can be controlled. But we certainly can change the course and destinies in mid course. In the end, there is not even any memory and it belongs to somebody else. We also cannot control. We come naked and go naked under some clothing if we are lucky. Meaningful or meaningless? The arguments will go on for duration. Stardust has no beginning or end. The eons are just to vast and enormous for us to count and understand. So, enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Humble Warrior

This sounds like my wife... very good and true this is... Tonight, I'm leaving the dishes in the sink... We're going to get Ice Cream!


👍, so true

Mom with children still in home

Very touching!

Back East

About Barbara Bush entire speech:
I once rode in the plane with a writer for the TV show The West Wing. There were a couple of shows where they delivered some very sobering messages and I asked him anyone had an agenda. His response was, “They just use the topics to play with peoples emotions.” (nothing more, nothing less)

And when I hear any speech or a quote from JFK, my first thought now is, “Ted Sorensen was a brilliant writer” as he did most of the writing.

When I first read this piece you provided, I thought, “This is well written, the rhythm is so balanced. It just flows so smoothly.” Then I wondered, “Who wrote it?” It was Ed McNally. Notice how late in the talk the line:

So, I want to offer a new legend. The winner of the hoop race will be the first to realize her dream - not society's dreams - her own personal dream.

And then 3 paragraphs later, it ends with:

Thank you. God bless you. And may your future be worthy of your dreams. (how wonderfully he ties it all together for the final punchline)

In my opinion, Ed McNally wrote a great speech. Whether he believed any of it or not is unknown, but Barbara Bush masterfully delivered it and it played well to the audience at Wellesley College and that is why Ed McNally, like the writers of The West Wing, got paid the big bucks. That does not take away from the value of the message, it just that the message was written because that is what the author thought the people would like to hear (after all, they are the customer and they paid big money to sit in those seats).


You are a lucky guy. I remember you took some years off before you work for Intel. You had spent time with your children when they are young. And also had great memories working and traveling meeting friends in Intel all over the places. Now you are enjoying your retired life with healthy grandma, lovely wife, and 4 adorable grandsons near by.


Thanks for the reminder Anand. It is always so easy to find out urgent things to do at home that we forget the important things.

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