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January 31, 2019


California Guy

This can also serve as a good reflection on brand image. When we buy products or services, we are also investing in the brand image of a company and the individuals that are part of that company.

At end of the day, we are really looking for solutions to our needs and wants. We will usually return to those companies and individuals that consistently provide such solutions (Sony vs. RCA TV, Honda vs. Ford automobile, LG vs. Maytag washer/dryer).

Once lost, long road to re-establish the brand image.


Not just in PC business but in life as a whole, the prize goes to one who seizes the opportunity and acts up on it.


Sounds like the Santa from Miracle on 34th Street

On one day he even referred his competitor to his customer realizing that he did not have that product. My curious mind inquired, “isn’t that dangerous - you are letting your competition get in the customer’s door.” To that he replied, “the primary objective of my business, stated in my mission, is to offer quick solutions to customers. And customers have seen that and asked me to get into many areas that they have need. Some customers have even funded my new ventures because they know I am focused on their success.”


To add to your story, Bill Gates paid only $15K and no royalties plus exclusive rights to that OS from that small company.


Speaking of grandfather stories, are you aware of this site?

I came across this only recently and I am impressed with the collection and narration!
Thought I’d pass it along…

A note from a friend (RK) posted by Anand

I first saw the below phrase from you a few years ago and I’ve since repeated it to many people. Simple – accurate.
Thank you,


TO RK: Thanks for the feedback. Here is the ancient Indian story that grandpa used to tell us. The readers may enjoy that story as well. Here it is.


I always wonder why IBM couldn’t develop its own OS and had to look for a supplier. Didn’t IBM miss a big opportunity too? Without Microsoft, Intel probably wouldn’t be at the presence status. My take away – be prepared, look for the opportunity and let the wave carries you.


Thanks for sharing this again; this is one of your best story. I love it and have been practicing this as well!!

Malay Man

In the last chapter of “It is not about coffee” by Howard Behar, the chapter talks about Dare To Dream. The takeaway is about “Say Yes” – The most powerful word in the world.


Nice story! Reminded me of one of those Bodhisatva's stories from Panchatantra and Jataka tales. And the other post of Microsoft vs Intergalactic I thought, was an excellent practical example to elaborate on this idea. Thanks for sharing. Whenever I find a little time during lunch, these posts make a great reading and recharge me. :-)

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