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January 17, 2019



What you are is God's gift to you. What you become is your gift to God.

friend  from China

I love this. thanks


There is a saying in Hindi which in translation means a "tree full of fruits hangs low". I have seen that as true all through my interactions with people in business. The most gifted folks are quite humble and willing to share their gifts with whoever wants to learn.


Things that are given away are never lost. Keep spreading the good work.

Malay Man

I like the title by itself .... from my years of experience ... noting beat the satisfaction we have after seeing someone we mentoring become more success than ourselves ....


This reflection brought tears in my eyes.
I have been there before; deep down in the trenches. That is when I discovered the greatness of people who helped me come out and gave me opportunity to thrive again.

Appropriately said: How often do we use our talents and our gifts to exalt our own own needs? How often can we say that we used our strengths to help another shine? And if not, why? Why is it we feel there is only a finite amount of talent, a limited amount of joy, and why do we feel we must keep it only for ourselves?

So the next time we look down I hope it is not to look at how far we've risen past another, to congratulate ourselves, but is instead there to help another up – to use your passion to encourage another to discover their own 'gifts.'

note from MS

a very thoughtful reflection!


Very true and insightful.

California Guy

This is an insight about Michael Jackson that I have not heard elsewhere. And after reading this reflection, I just realized that this theme is also present in the Disneyland attraction "Captain EO" that I saw earlier this month.

I agree with other comments about the power of mentoring other people and the personal satisfaction at seeing their growth and success. We just have to make sure that we maintain focus on the person(s) we are mentoring and not ourselves. We should be ready for rejection of our ideas as well as be open for spontaneous mentoring/learning in the reverse direction. Mentoring should be a dialogue, not a monologue.

Seng by BST

Very good one! It is true

Comment from a friend from Japan (Posted by Anand)

Wow, your son wrote such a great story which received nice feedback from many people.

Too many people behave as if their success are made by themselves without others' help.

Even though they might be financially rich, they are mentally poor. I think my most important job is to help other people to move up. It is very true that technical talent is not good enough and we need more passion / motivation / empathy / team work instead of being selfish. I will coach behavior and soft skill more.

Everyone is connected in the universe, and we are sharing the same time. Human being is so stupid to damage the earth and never stops. I read Thomas Friedman's book ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’ recently, and really think we need to influence all nations to cooperate to save the earth. Polluted environment will kill everyone. We must lead the green revolution.

KK (Korea)

Your Friday reflection, “Never look down on anyone unless you're helping them up” ; it’s really touching one to be a sincere leader as typical style leaders are still emphasizing Karisma with stiffness…

I heard from Television today that “Leader is not a special person like Hitler or Napoleon, but a common motivator to help to stimulate each individual to achieve his/her target by using kind-hearted influence…I love that definition and I understand you’re the right role model of motivator in mental maturity…

I’ve been learning a lot from Friday reflection and started to share with Korean young students in school.”

Hope to see you soon


I love this !!!


Wow this is so inspiring
Yet people look for every opportunity to put others down


Nice and beautiful!


People look down on others for many reasons such Social Status, Money, Look, Degree, College, House location..Sorry but True


I got to see a beautiful, modest, and a compassionate existence of this mind that was MJ.

Lovely post. It keeps me thinking.... rechecking if my priorities are calibrated appropriately.

Not only is energy given not lost, it is augmented.... it is enriched.

Humble warrior

Powerful nugget you spoke of in that movie... Thanks for catching that and expanding in it... I love how there is always another level of understanding... what I gift to elevate and extract another person's gift but to help

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