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January 10, 2019


SC friend

Amazing… always!
I could check off quite a few in this list for myself.

Mark Dennen

A lesson I have learned in not to let pride get in your way. We all know have friends who never call on the phone or rarely invite you over to their home. There are many reasons for this, some real and some ridiculous, but if you want to have a relationship, you have to take the initiative and forget about sharing the responsibility.

A few years ago, I paired down our Christmas Card list, removing a couple from whom we have never received a card. The wife approached me after Church and said she was so sad they had not received a card and its accompanying note, for it was something they always enjoyed. She explained they didn't send out cards because they couldn't afford it (she was a 60 year-old immigrant who still supported her mother in Mexico). So there was the reason why we didn't get the card and I felt horrible for my petty decision. I immediately put her back on the list and they will never be removed. Another one of Life's Lessons.

Korea Friend

Thanks as always for your precious Friday reflection!

Have a great weekend!

Kulim (retiring soon)

Thanks.. Really a great article 

Friend in Arizona

This one hit home for so many reasons. I have made choices to not persue some of my career possibilities and focus on family first -- so glad that I have! I lost my father at a young age and always maintained that I would not put work before family. Easier said than done I must say. But once done the first time, and you come to terms with it, you really can be happier. Seeing my children grow, getting to athletic events for them, seeing their school plays or concerts -- all so much more important I have finally realized. Knew it, but never really internalized I guess. I love this post as well as my wife is a nurse -- I suspect it will hit home with her too. As well as a few adult children. Thanks for the time to reflect.


Great read!

Happiness = f(10% from what happens, 90% from how you see what happens) according to Shawn Achor, a Harvard trained psychologist.


Nice reflection-or should I say-collage of reflections.
I wish my dad had not worked so hard. But he did , because we were 3 kids, in school/college. My school fees were as much as my brother's college expenses. He wanted us to have as much as he could possibly provide. My parents planned to travel after he retired. But that didn't happen. Within 6 mths of retirement- he passed away. So did I learn from that? Yes. I still work long hours, and have missed a few birthdays and Soccer games- but we did not postpone vacation with the boys.
Just 4 days ago- I met a women on my flight, who at 42 decided she wanted to paint. So she got rid of her TV- and started to dabble. Now she has shows in India and LA. She said- Time effort and money - Look at how much of these you are spending on what you do -like watching TV. Reduce it by 5 %- and you will have time to start learning that water color you have been planning to.

SP from Singapore

Very good one


I particularly enjoyed this week’s reflection,
Hope all is well w u, my friend…

"Thank You" from Taipei

Yes, happiness is simply a choice. At my age, I am so hesitated to step out. I don’t know if it is because of fear to uncertainty, or from my years of trainings – can’t go without proving low risk. Struggling, but making a little progress finally. I am getting happier day by day.
And, at least, I know what to tell next generation – don’t live up to my expectation.


What a great statistics (summary)! Good teaching to those whom think that they still have many more weeks to go!


Excellent reflection. All 5 points are so simple to be mindful of so that someday they don’t becomes my regrets as well


👍👍👍 thx for sharing...
one of the reasons why people “suffer” at death is that they could not let go of the past... n missed the future n happiness...


Thank u for this reminder. Repeated reminders r most welcome!

Honesty with self means looking into our mind squarely and peeling off its "layers of onion" - and it is the first big step toward deconditioning.... toward Liberation.

Without practising honesty with self, મહાનંદ (happiness) remains layered & covered.
So yes, it is a choice.

Humble Warrior

Another prime reflector here...... #2 is not surprising... #5 is very surprising... Cheers to all the Friday reflectors to leave no stone unturned and have no regrets!

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