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November 29, 2018



There is no place like home :)

Prasad Vepa

You’re spot on, Anand! An observing eye, a reflective mind and a grateful heart help immeasurably in appreciating the beauty that is right in front of us.




Thanks for the reflection indeed the present is a wonderful 🎁


Wow beautiful colors right at your doorsteps! The video is very well done! Bravo!

Evelyn Tan

Beauty is the feeling of peace n wonder.for anyone who are ready to feel it... we feel it now cz we are older..wiser..slowing dwn frm the rat race.

Selina Saw

Zen..enjoy every moment n the surroundings


True. Beauty is everywhere! 😊

Kay Kim

Wonderful Scene. I have something in myself. but hard to release after you.

Robert Eddy

That is Pretty.


So beautiful!

Humble Warrior

A few from the wise:

"Home is not a place... it's a feeling"

"A house is made with walls and beams... a home is made with love and dreams"

"What I love most about my home... is who I share it with"


Thank u. Putting my name in ur reflection was something a lot more than I probably deserve and what I was anticipating!

The whole reflection is a joy to read, for more than about explorations to various lovely places, I found it to be about internal awareness.

I say so because - It is in the moment when we are most aware of our innate self that we find an experience most uplifting. Such an experience may be anywhere. (U have mentioned this in a different way below....)

And for a [quiet] [moment] we both [just watched…] Once it was gone, I finally had my answer. I turned to my wife and said, “This place. This is the best. [Right here] and [right now…]”

(And putting away the camera facilitates the intimate experience.)

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