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November 02, 2018



A very nice reflection to end the year. Thank You


Great sharing. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Love your reflection Anand! The marketing world keeps us "unhappy" so they can sell us more stuff and make us "happy again". This technique goes on all across our life areas. Bosses identify things we can improve to be better, year over year. So, we are chasing "happiness" and it eludes us. Key is to have a gratitude mindset and then happiness comes to us!


My wife does not like to argue directly, so we typically have "almost fights" and manage to stay out of each other's corner until the bad feelings blow over and we can talk about our differences in more calm circumstances. This is often unsatisfying to me, as I grew up with the value of a good honest argument with subsequent apologies and corrective actions. (The old spouse joke goes, "I knew I had married my lovely Miss Right, but I just didn't realize that her first name was `Always'.)

I once heard the adage (and fully subscribe), "Love is a verb", meaning that it isn't something that happens purely by luck or fortune. It happens by continuous effort, like riding a bicycle. Maybe there are moments when you can coast and enjoy the breeze. But there will surely be uphill climbs, the true test of your willpower, strength, and experience.

Admittedly, the above sounds a bit cliche. So, here is another image that comes to my mind in response to this week's FR entry; perhaps a more unlikely one. The scene in "Matrix Reloaded" when Jet Li's character Seraph spars with the protagonist Neo (Keanu Reaves).
Li then says philosophically,
"You do not truly know someone until you fight them."


Honestly & simply put. Thank u for these useful and necessary reminders, Uncle. I like to remind myself again and again of what I have understood, as also of what I have assimilated. It helps fortification.

I feel thankful for every such reminder, for i firmly feel reminders necessarily come with:

1. an important purpose,
2. at a required time, &
3. because we all Need them.

Humble Warrior

"Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song"

From Bobby. Posted by FR team

i like to believe that we cannot physically create love; just like we cannot squeeze fragrance out of a flower. but if we work on things like soil, and compost, which look nothing like flower, and work towards creating a conducive atmosphere for the plant, fragrance will be the outcome. and the same, i think, applies to relationships and love.

Singapore Sling

Levi’s are not the only ones... many couples would fall in that category, you think so too?... smartphones in hands make the matter worse... real communication is going down badly and with much less attention

I also liked the tag line in subject


To Levi. It’s a great perspective

i often end our disagreements by letting my pride go and say " a war with an Angel has never been won"

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