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November 08, 2018


Seong Son

This is my favorite video to explain my Feng Shui. Good ol Bruce Lee.

Lopeti Senituli

That is so beautiful! Thank you!


Wow.. never heard this story before but it has a powerful truth which is hidden in plain sight for all of us. We tend to look for happiness by becoming selfish and hoarding for ourselves. But if we give things away to others be it recognition, respect, trust to others, it comes back. I remember a quote I read on a picture hung on our walls in our home "Whenever you give a little love, it comes right back!".

Prasad Vepa

Thanks Anand, for sharing this beautiful story with such a profound truth. I have always believed that true, lasting joy, Ananda, is not in any object, place or experience, but is our own true nature and can be uncovered in the silent stillness and compassion for all in our own heart.
May the cosmic light of Diwali fill every heart, mind and soul everywhere! Happy Diwali, the festival of light.

Evelyn Tan

HeartWarming n Inspiring...💞🐬

Humble Warrior

A great perspective thank you for sharing your wisdom


Wonderful story!
As we are wrapping up Diwali,and looking forward to Thanksgiving, this is a good time to reflect on what we have/ and what we bring to those around us.

micro CEO

Anand, I love this story.
Quality is choosing happiness over efficiency in one's life. N
ow, if I can only remember to follow that neat principle...

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