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November 15, 2018



The song is lovely and summarises the lives of most fathers who are always there in absentia!


Yes, we have to constantly remind ourselves that the kids are learning from us every day. So we have to stop and reflect on our actions and it's impact on a young mind, possibly for their life.


yes, really good song. Meaningful and touching.
Thanks for sharing!


i always look back on the support i got from my dad as an irreplaceable foundation, and i am very grateful


Have always loved this meaningful song. Children are a reflection of their parents which is so vivid in the lyrics

Shawn Munguia

Always wanted to be like my Dad... till he one day he said... No son, you did better... Love you Dad, My Hero


Great Song!. I had not heard it before.
One of my sons is uncannily like me. In fact when he was barely 2(less than), my mom said to me. "this child is exactly like you. AND it serves you right!!" :)

micro CEO

Reading this moving anecdote, I myself also feel quite lucky and privileged, for having had caring and supporting parents. My parents divorced when I was young, but they still lived in the same general neighborhood and continued to see my father often. The experience only helped to strengthen my relationship with my father and also to give me a greater sense of empathy with my mother.

Moreover, I am reminded vaguely of a hypothesis: that crimes are more prevalent among men who did not have present or supportive fathers.

As a parent, I sometimes need to remind myself that spending quality time with my children is the most important task in life, even though it takes away from what I personally want or need to do, and even though there is no concrete goal or tangible reward from a 3rd party for doing so. It is the kind of commitment that pays dividends long after the investor's own death.

Reddy Mallidi


I never heard this song before. But, it resonates very well with me. My father passed away a year ago and brought back many memories of my childhood and of him.

Thanks for sharing.


Putting the onus of the desire for growth upon the child itself.... is what I learnt from ur father (about ur report card) from his line u have quoted here.

This reflection reminds me of the profound line: "Child is the father of Man."


Dear Anand,
This is a beautiful song. It will great if more people hear it. There will be happier children &happier parents too.Thanks Leena


I just heard this song on the radio the other day. Its tends to put life in perspective.

California Guy

Simple lyrics + Somber melody = Powerful message.

Although I have heard this song on the radio many times before, I had not felt the power of the words until I could "hear" and "see" them.

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