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October 11, 2018


FR Singapore Friend

Wow this is a beautiful and powerful story! Thanks for sharing with me. He seems to be an amazing guy!


1.Adherance to good moral values even in tough time
2.In good times and bad times, they stayed with each other
3. Higher Purpose To Feed others.
4. Appreciate and Recognize Employees
5. Share good fortune with the team
6. Instill pride
7. Request to pay forward
courage to share with others
Make best out of adverse situation; A Business Man and A Story Teller becomes friends.
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story


"I remember praying to God that I just want to eat, I just want to be fed... then I turned it around ... I started to pray that I wanted to feed others, I wanted to feed many..."

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. Wayne Dyer


Very inspiring. Thank u.

I have high regards for this gentleman, ur friend. A hero through testing times.


I read it. Very nice – I ditto Manish’s quote by Wayne Dyer


When we gain something, we can feel happy at that moment.
Anyhow, we can only feel the real happiness, which last long or even forever, is the time you give.


Really powerful story for anyone facing challenges in life and wishing to make changes. But even more inspiring is the fact to remember others in need and instill hope and gratitude. The other key point of the story is that sometimes a "bad situation" could lead to a great outcome. Recently, I have been doing a daily gratitude journal of 3 things I am grateful for in life. It is quite a surprise to find that a number of these events happened in my life ONLY because something bad or unexpected happened. That unplanned event triggered a response in me which led to something more meaningful in my life. I wish to share this with my kids when they grow up more so they can be more resilient.


Good morning Anand,

Thank you for sharing, always a pleasure and uplifting to read your Friday Reflections☺
Enjoy and Best Wishes


Wonderful inspiring story. Thanks Anand and Shawn.


Happy Friday Anand!

Thank you for this, a little sprinkle of hope and wise words always helps someones day.


To Vin
Good Observations. One More: Gratitude
Gave business to same Costco that fed them during rough times.

Humble Warrior

Thanks Anand, only you can tell my own story better then I can lol.

Like Ray Dalio calculates his own journey, he says; Pain + Reflection = Progess.

I have found that there are many uncovered gems underneath those questions, problems, pains... just waiting to be solved... the struggle came to you, to be solved only by you becuase you are the one to solve it... no coincidence... that is the reason it came to you.

So fear not the problem... but to embrace the journey to the solution.

Glory to God to be able to give in his name... looking forward to sharing our next meal together Anand.

micro CEO

There is an anecdote in the "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" (One of the great autobiographies in American literature, though admittedly a bit difficult to follow in the language of the day). Franklin encountered a political adversary, a man of stature and influence who had spoken against his re-election at the General Assembly. But, not wanting to create friction or to bow down to him in undue deference, Franklin found a way to approach him. Franklin, as a fan of good books, heard that the man had in his library "a scare and curious book" and Franklin asked to borrow it. The man obliged and after borrowing the book, Franklin returned it with a note of appreciation. Subsequently, the man’s attitude toward Franklin changed, and he was readily willing to support and cooperate with Franklin.

"This is another instance of the truth of an old maxim I had learned, which says, "He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged." And it shows how much more profitable it is prudently to remove, than to resent, return, and continue inimical proceedings."
― Benjamin Franklin


Very inspiring story, Anand! I like it that Shawn also showed his 8 warriors how to “pay it forward.”

I believe that we’re blessed to be a blessing to others. 😇


Very inspiring


Shawn sounds like an all round good person. There is much to learn from him. If I had been in the same situation as you- when you met him, my reaction would have been slightly different, and I would have lost the opportunity to know this remarkable individual. So thank you once again for the reminder- you cannot control every situation- but you can control your reaction to it.

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