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August 09, 2018



Nice reflection! Ignorance also brings in positive attitude - unknowingly!


Great reflection… in many ways. Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you the best

Barry Warmkessel

Mahatma Gandhi was born a man in India circa 2 October 1869 but transformed into an avatar of the Transcendental Soul in South Africa circa 22 June 1906. This was the greatest occurrence of the second millennium AD. He also heralded the impending arrival of Infinite Soul -The Maitreya (AKA Second Coming) - in the early part of the third millennium AD.

45 years later Friend

A heartwarming story - thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Land of the Rising Sun

To me, I understand what "I was attacked by Flu" means perfectly and no need to ask anything to be changed.
My English grammar error never be fixed, but I realized the world is accepting something good enough instead of perfect.
So I have been counting on my co-worker's support to accept my imperfect English.

Speaking Globish (= globally accepted good enough English) is probably more important for our business than speaking one perfect English unless I write a book.
My sons can speak much better English than me, but their Japanese are good enough level but not perfect.

Have nice day!


Funny, I had the same thinking as "Land of the Rising Sun". Nothing at all wrong with the phrase "I was attacked by the flu". It is not a common usage but it is grammatically correct and it is creative and fresh. If you want to write interesting sentences, you had better be creative (as long as it conveys the idea accurately), not simply choose the commonly used idioms. Learners of secondary languages are too often cautioned this way. This is a sign of a poor teacher who thinks that language is a fixed, closed system always with a right answer.

Ok, but on to the main point about being thick-skinned and having humility. Also about focusing on the positive side of differences, rather than humiliating those who are different. There is so much to learn, so I relish such lessons.

Here is one story I heard, which moved me. I will simply reproduce it from the article I read some years back. (
“In 1965, after walking in the Selma-to-Montgomery civil-rights march with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was at the Montgomery, Ala., airport, trying to find something to eat. A surly woman behind the snack-bar counter glared at Heschel — his yarmulke and white beard making him look like an ancient Hebrew prophet — and mockingly proclaimed: “Well, I’ll be damned. My mother always told me there was a Santa Claus, and I didn’t believe her, until now.” She told Heschel that there was no food to be had.

In response...Heschel simply smiled.
He gently asked, “Is it possible that in the kitchen there might be some water?”
Yes, she acknowledged. “Is it possible that in the refrigerator you might find a couple of eggs?” Perhaps, she admitted. Well, then, Heschel said, if you boiled the eggs in the water, “that would be just fine.”
She shot back, “And why should I?”
“Why should you?” Heschel said. “Well, after all, I did you a favor.”
“What favor did you ever do me?”
“I proved,” he said, “there was a Santa Claus.”

And after the woman’s burst of laughter, food was quickly served."

Rajni Kant

I think language is meant for communication, not to speak grammatically correct language. It is for writers to worry about proper use of grammar.
Of late, with increasing global interaction, people accept an expression, if it communicates.

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