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August 16, 2018



Just like a subtle gaseous thing like steam built the foundation for locomotion; a simple way by Nikola Tesla, of harnessing the already existing energy of electricity through a motor has grown into practically every imaginable form of convenience we live in and live by today.


Thank you very much for having me remember heartful days. Actually, I’m A person among those 100 people in your Silicon Valley Tour. You have kindly taken me to Silicon Valley tour at almost every time of my intel SC visits with your car, listening to Kitaro after the dinner. Actually, I still feel that happened at just yesterday, and I can remember the tours clearly. And that time was good days for both us and Intel, too.

Again, thank you ve

Scientist friend fr China

I hope you are doing well.
Missing the days working with you.
Unfortunately you had ache in your back when I visited SC office so didn’t make the drive. So good to read the article and view the video today to catch up :)
All the best for you!
Thanks and regards

Lynette Caubin

Awesome video Anand P Shah. Wonderful historic trip down memory lane of Silicon Valley. Love that I was part of HP and Intel...

Evelyn Tan

Very informative n Nostalgic...☺

Vatsal Parikh

Great Memories , even I love PALO ALTO , LOS GATOS , CUPERTINO , SUNNYVALE , SAN JOSE 😁😁


I love it!

ThankYou from TPE

Thank you Anand! Not only for being my tour guide to Silicon Valley, but also for being my best tour guide of my Intel career and rest of my life…..

Prasad Vepa

A beautiful, familiar and nostalgic capture of the landmarks of Silicon Valley. As a resident of the Valley since 1976 and having personally known Jack Kilby (co-inventor of the Integrated Circuit along with Bob Noyce) when I worked at Texas Instruments in Dallas, prior to moving here, this really resonated with me. Living in the Valley and having worked for some industry giants, we are lucky to be a part of this storied and magical place — a veritable fountain of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that the rest of the world envies us for. While we celebrate the success of Silicon Valley we should ponder on the ingredients of its secret sauce, protect the cherished values and guard against their erosion to ensure that the flame of this spirit burns brightly for a long time to come.

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