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August 04, 2018



This reflection is priceless!! Your favourite colour is pink??? I am sure you have had much enriched career than being a cricketer😀

From Pulao Penang ( posted by FR Team)

What a creative to start with ur computer went into “deep meditation” 👍🏽
Love the photos. Your Engagement! Now I know Both of u hv no interest in 🕺 💃🏻 dancing
Is pink still r favorite color😃?
Romantic write up for this FR


To Pulao Penang
Thanks. My favorite color now is Purple, I guess. I liked color Pink then because British girl, a friend of my dad, who stayed with us in Sunmer had pink cheeks. 😀


Thanks. Used to be. Now it is Purple. Yes I wasn’t good at cricket. Some Dreams don’t realize , I guess. 😊

Pinoy friend

Thanks Anand !!! Very wonderful !! So wonderful that you loved our country very deeply..


Wonderful older photos!

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