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August 31, 2018



Nice reflection Anand…I always get a smile reading your Friday Reflections

micro CEO

Thanks for sharing another thought-provoking FR.
The best memories I have of growing the breadth of my knowledge have taken place (and continue to happen) outside of the office, typically at 1:1 lunches or group dinner. Whether it is greeting new team members, seeking advice from those whom I respect, or showing thanks to colleagues after project, such meetings are often like "punctuate equilibria" in my career. They are also the most personally meaningful. This is a great reminder to keep exiting the building to spend time with people. Steve Blank (lean startup/lean launchpad) has a similar idea... "Get out of the building".

Basant Rajput

So true!It is very important to be kind to all people around you, whether relatives or friends and especially those who have some kind of an handicap or disability!


The moral of the story sticks with me so well. In fact, every time I read the Friday reflections, I always get nutrition out of it. Just thinking of one more thing to do, I will start to bring my son together with me to read the Friday reflections, so it will be a steady life-long points to ponder to keep enriching his life! Thank you, Anand!


Wish Steve rest in peace!


thanks for sharing and always be touched by the Friday reflections.

Prasad Vepa, Cupertino

Thanks Anand, for a poignant reflection to ponder. Though we forget, it is a fact that when we leave this world we are not remembered for what we have, but for what we give and share with others and how we touch their lives in making a positive difference, however small or big -- a smile, a hand to lighten a burden, a shoulder to lean and listen to a tale of pain, a kind word of appreciation, to heal a wound or a conflict, to read a book to a child, to visit a sick one, compassion to ease one's plight or sorrow and make a difference in a thousand other ways. To care for others and feel their pain is a quintessential quality that sets humans apart from other beings. We can always get inspired by great souls like Saint Francis of Assisi, The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and others who had the rare ability to see all beings as a reflection of themselves and a spark of the same Divine.

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