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July 26, 2018



often times fear gets in the way of asking the questions that’s in the mind and carried in the heart. Throughout life, so many people loose out on the opportunity to gain kneowledge, welcome a new friendship, or seize an opportunity that awaits. Truly honored to have met you and your family and to consider you as my extended family that continues to inspire, support, and the love and care.

Thank you!

Singapore Student

I still remember meeting you first time in Singapore at your Out of Box Thinking class…

This is so true.


In India we call it destiny!


A chance encounter yes. But they were also savvy recognizing a key asset in the value of your advice early on and leveraging it through to today. We've been lucky enough to read this advice weekly for some time and better for it!

Raymond C Pineda

I just had a flashback to one of our initial encounters in conference room SC3-114 when you, a stranger to me at the time, entered and sat next to my boss. I was momentarily puzzled at your presence until I observed my boss giving you a warm greeting, so I started my weekly presentation report to the regular attendees plus you as the guest. Over twenty years later, I am still privileged to call you mentor and friend as well as being Uncle Anand to my children.


Is it possible to trademark a Phrase?
Chance encounters are what you make of them. if I had been in that store, I would have let the guy do what he was doing, and not said a single word- for fear of " distracting" him and delaying the process.
Ask MR. Ray- how I slowly slipped away when i understood his intentions to introduce me to his friend/ colleague.
And my encounter with you- was not chance, but fortunately for me- brought about due to a " not politically correct comment about a large retailer " I made in your open forum. Well- the gain has been all mine :)

Mary Abel

I think all "Chance encounters" are not really by chance; they were meant to happen... "Wherever we are in the world, and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, only we can decide to take the leap of faith and make our dreams realities. "When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." What you think about, you bring about..." quote from the Alchemist... if we think we want, wish to have, or know we need something the right encounters will occur. I have learned and still am learning from you Anand, my previous boss, my friend, and long time mentor!


If we don't prejudge people when we meet first time, then we are more likely to make some strong connections and new discoveries, we would least expect. Key is to realize that whoever we meet are special in their own way and may have a lasting impression in our lives. My first interaction with Anand was actually through Friday reflection story and I am really grateful we connected that way.


Great reflection. Thank you for sharing


I remember the weekend you met the person in the store, you were so happy and engaged in their biz venture, I often think of you and how open you are to start a new relationship with anyone and everyone... a great way to approach life
Thanks for sharing

quality guy

I read this weeks FR. Its good to know that others continue to see value in your famous quote. When I do supplier audits for my new company, I bring up that a former director of mine at Intel used to say “Quality is never having to say sorry to your customers”.

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