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June 21, 2018



Beautiful Anand! dreams do come through.. with patience.. thanks!


waoh...! The last sentence is so romantic... :)

Pinoy friend

Wow! What a great way to spend holidays!

FR Fan

I might not be responding all the time but trust me - makes me feel great when I read your reflections . It has a therapeutic characteristics to it

Pravin Patel

Wow! Beautiful Anand. Some dream and some experience the dream. Long time no hear or see. Come visit us.

Humble Warrior

I love these stories!


Beautiful Anand, simply beautiful.. thank you for sharing.

Singapore Sling

so sweet


Yesterday Once More


Wonderful story!


Wow Anand! You were able to weave together 3 stories into one. Loved reading your current experiences and how it came from your past desires/dreams. I think we are always pursuing our dreams sometimes consciously and sometimes not. Looks like you are also the "curious" type when you were a kid :)


You reflection today was beautiful, romantic and definitely a welcome distraction. I am glad you were there, enjoyed and shared the pictures and experience.
Thank You!


Very nice reflections! I love the last paragraph about the girl and I wish you both more years together travelling around the world!!!!!

Malay Friend

Cool ... looks like u really hv a wonderful trip this round ... no more unpredictable valcano actovities gere this rime. Among all these memories ... watching rhe girl collecting seashell with the sunset as the background will just wonderful and sweet ... if i werw there .. that will be a perfect picture w both of you ... holding each other hands ... walking by the beaxh with reflection of sunset on the seaface of the sea water .... 😍


Haha, good story, Anand! I have to admit, I didn't see the ending of the story coming.....well done! I hope she was able to find some nice seashells!



Nice shell collection! That little girl who beach combs for shells still does a good job!


Beautiful story of three dreams coming true. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Anand! Now I understand the pictures more with the stories behind it. Beautiful memories. I worked with a Tongan a couple years back in construction. Such warm and happy people.


Anand, your travels are a warm and inviting reminder to me of the importance of embarking on new adventures and of making friends along the way. I also feel a deep sense of gratitude for the underlying sanity of your tales in a time of increasing craziness. You seem to share the exuberance for life that Richard Feynman expressed in his writings and his work. His ambitious project to try to visit Tuva is a good example.

Years ago, when I was still a student, I encountered and a book that gave me an early view into the mind of an experienced, middle-aged man. The book was George Orwell's semi-autobiographical novel "Coming Up for Air", published in 1939, shortly before WW2 erupted full-scale in Europe. The book is hauntingly beautiful and rings with nostalgic restlessness for Orwell. The book still sits as a classic in my personal library shelf.
At the time I wondered and worried what my life might be like at that age. Now I know (having reached a similar age bracket), and I also know the importance of continuing to look forward to the future, rather than back to the past.


Thank you so much Anand! I had posted a comment saying that you were an inspiring 'Teller of Tales' which is the translation of the name 'Tusitala' the affectionate and loving name the Samoans gave Robert Loius Stevenson!
'Ofa atu!

Dr niyati Lakhani

Wonderful..... while reading and watching I literally visited Tonga... what a beautiful way to give words to one's feelings.


Thanks, Anand! Dreams come true if one takes time to wait...


Lovers in paradise! It's heaven on earth!

Lopeti Senitulli

Thank You again Anand! I get more joy reading your Reflections again, 5 years later. Take Care!


To-Lopeti: That is a memorable trip. We got to be friends with you and so fortunate to be introduced to Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Akilisi Pōhiva, considered Nelson Mandela of Polynesia. Thank You.


Fabulous culmination of events!

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