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June 01, 2018



Always such a good way to start the weekend – pondering life and its nuances. Thank you for sharing, as always


Beautiful and terribly small cars the same day I sat in the 67’ as I was thinking about restoring one, I climbed into a nice 59… (corvette Mike’s in SO. Cal) they are crazy small… its funny sometimes how the “perception” of awesome is corrected with a dose of reality 

Given their price… I Am kinda glad I didn’t fit 


The people we meet everyday is to teach us the dos and donts in life. It's really amazing.

FR Penang

We all have choices... some people call it sacrifice... I have many stories of people going home to take care of their parents...


Answer to a few readers question; Did we meet him afterwards or during our trip?
We looked for him and also had a few locals looking but time ran out in American Samoa. In fact before he went back home, he came to see us but we were traveling and we lost contact because his wife too moved back with him. We are still looking. He was so much a part of our life. A very good gentle man.


Thank you Anand
stirred some childhood memories of care free
time in nature


Thanks for the Doris Day song!


Beautiful. Another amazing article that makes one ponder about life and what we are truly working towards. We often time catch ourself forgetting how to truly value life and what defines happiness. I was fortunate to spend time and talk with a good friend who came back to the states yesterday from Bosnia. He explained how the unemployment rate is high, but yet there’s no homelessness. His reason is that the people take care of one another. They learned of how important it is to take care of one another and the strength in family, due to the war that they went through, not too long ago. History and values provide the strength to understand and appreciate happiness in learning to unite.


Always thanks for your valuable message and advice with wisdom. I think about that way of life with my family after retire, too.

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