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April 05, 2018


advice from friends around the world (prepublication)

1. Well, I certainly had a good laugh.. one challenge for you.. to make the impossible possible… One suggestion is to change the environment to fool them to sleep.. I don’t know if this is possible or not... Besides, I wonder if they hibernate? From a friend in Malaysia

2. Sounds like a wonderful addition to your gardens. I for one love listening to the croaking in summertime. It is a sign of the season, at least out here. The new circus must be a great source of entertainment for your family. J
Micro CEO

I know you weren’t requesting advice, but If the neighbor continues to complain, here are 2 possible solutions I would propose (in order of effectiveness, and if you have not already tried them…).

A.Invite your neighbor for a Sunday lunch and show him around the garden. He may gain a greater appreciation and understanding. You may also learn what specifically bothers him, and discuss more about what could be done (by either of you) to reduce his annoyance.
B.Purchase one of the latest wireless headphone sets with noise reduction and present it as a gift to the neighbor.

3. So interesting, nature is admiring, so I guess my take-away of this is sometimes let it be is a more effective solution , and Spring has come hehe A Friend from China

4. God created Adam and Eve to eat the frogs. NJ

5.Can't wait to see these frogs! And hear them too! =) RSACTOR

6. Agree.. it is a priceless gift to transform some sort of a conflict situation into a comedy and you have that ability.. Sam

Management 101 advisor

If you had kept that one Snake, it would have taken care of the first frog and no more issue. Now you need to go to store and buy few snakes to take care of much bigger problem. Penny wise and Pound foolish.


This is the best story of all times in Reflections.


Are the frogs safe to eat? It it does, then/maybe someone could go to your house and start collecting them, just a thought!

Deb Webb

Your backyard water feature is beautiful!!!

Malay Man

I try to goggle about the method … and below is one of the interesting one …

under “How do I get rid of the frogs in my yard?”

I do not have frog by my pond (since it is under the hot sun) … but I do have spider building its web on top of my pond … dragonfly … and birds visit 


I am a technician. thanks for this story.

Joseph P

Two things are clear here. !.Lack of Systems Thinking. Seeing the whole picture could have prevented the problem. @. Solutions proposed by your well meaning friends are containment actions. Prevention is better than cure.
Glad you finally realized what could have Prevented such a big excursion. Not to mention that Snake could have multiplied too if Zena did not let that Heron in your backyard.
Real culprit here is Zena.

Serega C

Awesome Story.
It's amazing how things in nature relate to our business environments and how tightly this story is related to things that are done in business environment that causes other havoc.
Thank you Shah for sharing the story.
Keep them coming. :)


There is an ancient story. Different parts of body started arguing with one another about whose role and place was more important. Heart said "I am most important because if I stop, you die." Brain said "H.ll No, without me you cannot think. What good is life without that?" Lungs said " But how can you breathe if I stop working?" And each one claimed the importance and glory of their role. At last, only one part was left and every looked down on him with disgusting look and asked, " What do you do you A..H.le that is of significance and importance?"
Said A..H.le, "Let me demonstrate instead of conference room claims." He stopped working (plugged himself). A few minutes later, lungs had hard time getting new air, heart started racing faster and faster, brain could not think without oxygen and other body parts started shaking violently; the entire system was close to breakdown.
They screamed " Yes, Yes we get it. Please stop. We know you play a very important role in the whole picture (to keep the body functioning smoothly)."

micro CEO

As a boy I once thought, If I could have 3 wishes, in addition to the 2 to be used for fetching fame and riches, I would like to use the 3rd for eradicating all mosquitoes (and flies, gnats, fleas, ticks, etc.) from the earth. How much more pleasant would a walk in the forest be without having to constantly swat at those pests.

But I'm glad my wish wasn't granted because other animals depend on those insect pests. Other plants depend on those animals. We depend on the plants and animals both. It's quite possible that a world without mosquitoes could result in a world with humans.

The earth itself has endured for 4.6billion years. Life on earth has proven robust, despite ice ages, giant asteroid impacts, and terrible droughts, floods, even plagues. Humans are the fragile ones and we would do best to remember that a disrespect for the ecosystem in which we live can only result in eviction of our own species.

So let's hope your neighbor can learn to welcome the frogs.


This is like a butterfly effect to me. Often time we want to achieve an end goal, so we plan on it; why, what, when, how, etc. But we can only do so much planning, preparation and ask what if? Usually, we either miss something obvious or don't have the vision to see beyond the 1st or 2nd level effects. If you enjoy the pond, then, try to think of frogs as the bonus and your neighbor and the snake as the next project. :-)


you can always just buy your neighbor a nice pair of ear muffs he can sleep with why should you have to go out of your way to try and "fix" the frogs when they are only doing what nature intended for them to do i personally would tell my neighbor sorry but i can't control nature and you will just have to deal with it


that snake looks so beautiful. did it really have that blue hue?


This reminds me to try and think through the possible ramifications of a course of action, either doing something or not doing something, and how it will affect the whole system. Not enough people think about the entire System and may make rash decisions that seem reasonable at the moment but might do real damage to the whole.

SP Singapore

so true... and with that logic, one can be so disappointed looking at the way people are destroying the mother nature irreversably


about the frog story, reminded of karma story i read some time ago, all actions/decisions you made in the past, will come to your some time... it is a like circle haha 😁

S Silvin

My wife did not like the arboreal salamanders and various small lizards in our atrium and yard. i told her that they keep the termites down and thank goodness she listened.


A very vivid story of a mini ecosystem with lots of truth in it. Appreciate how nature becomes what they are today, and everything, micro or macro environment, will vibrate and come to a balance, as time times, and the time would come sooner if less interrupted by us human. Speaking to the solution, I really like the earlier proposal of inviting your neighbor over for an afternoon tea, and involve him in as part of the solution finder, Invite him/her for Empathy, and then Solution :-)


Full marks to you and your wife for living with the frogs and similar creatures right in your backyard!
Somehow, we could not go beyond a dog, and that too after our children got them a few years back.
Our biggest nightmare (in India) are the house lizards. We can not sleep even if there is one odd lizard indoors.
We immediately chase it out.

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