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March 15, 2018



Beautiful video. The music blending with the shots of sunset was truly therapeutic and calming. It game me a sense of relaxation. Amazing! I saw Utah canyons in the clip along with your home. I’m guess one of them can also be Hawaii? Well done.


If you were NOT there, can you tell if they were sun rises or sun sets? Probably not. They look the same. More people get to see and remember sun sets than sun rises. We should live life like sun rise which could be just as beautiful and definitely more exciting.


An awesome tribute to an awe inspiring man.


Stunning photography. Send it to my daughter as she is considering taking up photography.

A big loss to this world of an amazing mind.

California Guy

My favorite times of the day here in California are sunrise over the hills and sunset beyond the ocean horizon.

May your eternal soul rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.


Thank you for sharing, this is an amazing human being.


Nice tribute for a Great Man with clever analogy to Sunset Years.


The loss of Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientist celebrities of our age, provokes some serious reflection since, like Einstein, his name and accomplishments surely will be talked about even centuries from today. Mr. Hawking helped to combine the physics of the various extremes-- smallest/largest, weakest/strongest--to converge toward a unified theory, though not yet a complete theory. Physicists before him such as Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Karl Schwarzschild, Robert Oppenheimer, and John Wheeler made early progress in the theory of black holes, but Hawking (together with other collaborators like Beckenstein) put the whole science on a more consistent footing, based on principles of thermodynamics, even proving that black holes do release some radiation (Hawking radiation). Hawking held the Lucasian chair at Cambridge Univ., the same prestigious position held by Sir Isaac Newton.
Here is an illustrated, public lecture that is entertaining to watch.

Despite his physical ailment and disabilities, he managed to thrive in his work, and even exercise a clever sense of humor. I read that he once sent a party invitation for time travelers at Cambridge. The invitation was posted after the event took place, so that only time travelers would be able to attend it. (It seems that nobody showed up).

As a person with serious physical disabilities, Hawking's success is all the more impressive. I think he did not mind the advantages (media attention) this afforded him; he made the most of it. In my mind, only Helen Keller and Ludwig van Beethoven (perhaps also Itzhak Perlman) could be mentioned in the same caliber of achievement. Some people felt upset that after his passing certain journalists or celebrities described Hawking as finally freed from his wheelchair. This is a puzzling reaction. I think, without a doubt, Mr. Hawking would have been more than happy to get up and leave his wheelchair behind if a cure would have been available during his lifetime. Yet some people interpreted this description as insulting/patronizing to others in the world with disabilities. I think such concerns are noteworthy but misguided.
Hawking leaves behind some groundbreaking theories and publications, best-seller popular science books (i.e. A Brief History of Time, and more recently, George's Secret Key to the Universe, written with his daughter Lucy). He also leaves behind a legacy of students, who will no doubt extend the theories in new and surprising ways.

As for the sunset allusion and images (beautiful photos, by the way), I don't think one can ever say that a life ended too early, too late, or at the "appropriate time". All of us will get old, and age brings physical limitations, ailments, and other issues. But what are sunset years? We cannot second-guess the timing of our demise. Every star burns brightly until the end of its days (and many go out with a bang...even leaving behind a black hole!) So should we all strive to do so!

Bipin Shah

Dear Friends:

What Stephen Hawkings has proved without a doubt is that your physical limitation can be overcome if you have the passion and drive to pursue any cause or subject in life and contribute to its progress immensely all your life!

Bipin Shah

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