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February 16, 2018



Superb reflection. The two cultures are indeed very similar and family values are extremely important to both. Who would have thought your pen pal would become your life long partner😊 and particularly back in those days you indeed entered enemy territory😅

Happy New Year to Luisa especially and to all your children who calls you papa!!


A very happy new year to you and Luisa as well. Thank you for the lovely reflection.


I too loves to meet different people from all walks of life, different cultures, customs, values, name it! I am always fascinated and before you knew it I will have tons of questions (alright that is an exaggeration!) maybe less. It is just nice to hear where they came from. Thank you to my sister and her family ( and of course my dear beautiful Mama) for opening the door and bringing me in the land of the Free/Brave + Opportunities and DIVERSITY!

Humble Warrior

beautiful reflection. Happy New Year with all cultures united by smiles, peace and friendship!


Very nice reflection, my friend.

SP Singapore

I still remember growing up hearing about pen pals… I never had one, but those stories from a very few kids around were very fascinating… how could you just become a pen pal (now it’s almost impossible to imagine in today’s world) and keep writing, awaiting for the reply... even without knowing the one on the other side.
So nostalgic.

Friend from India

Aah. Missed it yesterday. Very nice and so true. These prejudices are hard to get rid of; so much I have fought with my families re the anti ..... sentiments they have. I always defend the ........ in general but the biases are so strong. Not that string for the Chinese anymore.


Read your FR on pen pal... makes me nostalgic... i has a fiend cousin... he had one across the seas... and as a young kid I used to just wonder how that worked... so nostalgic


Great and powerful reflection of how times have changed and what we learn to accept, as we grow. I loved the ability to have a growth mindset of growing and learning about the culture, rather than having a fixed. It reminded me of a time in my life, when my grandmother from Korea banned me from dating a beautiful Japanese girl during my earlier days and how history can place a negative fix mindset. However if we embrace the willingness to grow and learn, we truly reap the reward of learning and building on a stronger foundation for the future. Beautiful Friday reflection !


It's a touching and amazing story dated back from Premier Zhou's visit to India, and the outbreak of the war, and then your finding your sweet life partner with Chinese ancestry, and friendship with many many Chinese... WOW! :-):-) :-)

I will share the story to my son, sure he'll love this!! I am especially MOVED by below lines:
"There is just one moon and one golden sun, And a smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide, And the oceans are wide, It's a small world after all."

Thank you, my dear mentor!! Cheers for the long lasting friendship!!!

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