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February 08, 2018



I completely agree with the belief that getting second opinion sometimes opens us to new ideas which we may have not considered. It has also helped me in a number of things in life. The key is to choose whom to ask and then making the decision of what to do. Great pictures of your backyard!

Singapore  MC

Beautiful! Glad you obtained 2nd and 3rd opinions and the pear trees survived the tree doctor! A lesson there for us indeed.


Very true indeed. That's why we need mentor in our life...

Beautiful blossoms!

Humble warrior

The combined opinions to form your own which worked best, great call Anand! Beautiful

Pacific Northwest. A note from a Friend posted by FR team.

Thanks for posting nice video of your garden.
It will be great if you take a nap under that white flowers peacefully.
It is unusually warm winter here as well, and we may see flowers earlier than usual in this year.
Opposite thing is in other side of the world. Sea of Japan side of the country gets x5~x8 levels of snow piling up, and causing problems.
Earth is definitely changing its pattern regardless of global warming or not.

This week, both of us got sick probably caused by some food we ate last weekend. Your photo delighted us a lot and accelerated our recovery!
Today, I cam to my office and working regular manner.


Wonderful Reflection and video. A full grown tree can never really be replaced by a brand new sapling. Just like old friendships/ things and memories. I like the underlying message about not giving up on anyone/ anything too soon. That is the "easy way out" in my mind.

wanting more

Looks beautiful. Nice photo of the sun coming up over the fence. Too bad it last for such a short time.


Beautiful images! And I'm proud that you're learning to make your own videos. There's a lot of power in being able to create and communicate the world as you see and feel it. =)


Thx for sharing these beautiful pictures. I meant to write to you sooner to tell you that the diagonal light and the low Sun angle produced very nice highlights of the upper part of the blossoming trees. And the backlit orchids were just great! All pics taken on your iPhone, I presume?
The best part is that you could get these lovely pics in your backyard without going anywhere.
Beauty is everywhere — if only we keep our eyes open.
Thank you again,

Ex Rable Rouser

Hmm, I always wonder what would have happened if Andy learned to run a successful commodity business instead of giving up the memory business and focused only on the microprocessors. They didn’t have to be mutually exclusive, perhaps some fish pond water could do the trick. IMHO, my alma mater is still suffering from her inability to participate in a successful commodity business in all these year. Mind set is just hard to change.


Excellent sharing. I am very happy to know that the trees in your garden are now healthy. In my opinion, the golden rule about seeking advice is that the expert must be able to explain the reason and mechanism that would enable the proposed solution. Better still to demonstrate an example of success and conditions under which the method is known to work (or conditions under which it may not do so). If he or she cannot do this clearly, it is probably not worth following.

There is a fable from Aesop about a fox who got caught in a trap and managed to escape alive, but had lost his tail as a result.
He then advised to all other foxes to cut off their own tails proactively, for personal safety, and also for eliminating other kinds of inconveniences of the tail, such as experienced when sitting down. The advice sounded good to some, but other foxes quickly realized that the proposal was based on a biased and self-serving viewpoint from the fox who had already lost his tail. (The moral of the story: Do not take advice from one who seeks to gain from it.)

While the world is not so straightforward with people who are only 100% moral or immoral, inevitably all advisors or consultants naturally act upon their own biases and experiences, and those experiences may or may not match one's own circumstances and requirements. As the old saying goes, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."


Auditor’s rule: if you can’t explain your business (proposal, solution, etc) as a process, then you don’t really understand it. Process includes inputs, outputs, and customer requirements. This is the minimum requirement.


Finally I had the chance to read their comments.
For the MicroCEO comments or the fox story, I was just wondering… There is also this saying where we need to learn from the “wise”. Chinese likes to say that you must listen to ppl who take more salt than the amount of rice that you take. Hence, I guess we must understand one’s intention and make our own decision.
Any way, can’t agree much more with Rable’s comments. In life, a lot of things can happen together/in parallel. Definitely something for me to ponder over the new year. Complement or Out shine?

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