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September 01, 2017


Humble Warrior

Love it! So inspiring! So happy you guys got to witness it live! Will def be on my to do list!


It always good to see new things beyond your daily life. That's why I consider it a privilege to travel to foreign countries. Great reflections, Anand!

Ex Rable Rouser

Yes, indeed! Norwegians are also among the most peaceful and generous people. Recently they gave an entire mountain to Finland, their neighbor, to celebrate her Independence Anniversary because Finland did not have any mountain. Other nations fight over a postage stamp size of land or a tiny little mountain pass. There is still hope for humanity if we follow the examples of the land of Nobel Peace Prize.

Great reflection and thanks!


Anand, it is always enjoyable to read about your travel adventures. What is truly striking is how you strike new friendships so easily, and how you always find many wonderful things to expound about the culture and people in the host country. This is a great example for travellers around the world.
In Anand's approach, I am reminded of a painting depicting an allegorical story called "The Vinegar Tasters", which I must admit I first read about in a clever book called, "The Tao of Pooh", which makes an impressive case for explaining Taoism in terms of the endearing characters of Winnie the Pooh.
The painting shows 3 wise men tasting a batch of vinegar. All 3 taste the same stuff, yet their faces betray very different reactions. One finds the liquid to be sour, another senses only bitterness, and the third perceives the sweetness of the vinegar. According to the allegory, the 3 men represent, respectively, Confucious (孔子), The Buddha (佛陀), and Lao Tzu (老子). Confucious tastes sourness because he had an idealistic view of how the world should be, and felt disappointed with the reality of the people. Buddha focused on the suffering in the world (and how to avoid/minimize/reduce it). So he tasted bitterness. Only LaoTzu could appreciate the good flavors of the vinegar, rather than trying to impose his preconceived values as a judge of the flavor. The philosophy that makes one happy and successful while also contributing to a happy and sustainable society arguably is the best philosophy. It is wise to embrace this, and to emulate the people who can put this into practice.

cecille gibe

so beautiful place indeed, esp the people living outhere❤️


Norwegians are often described as a cold people. I, however, find them to be the opposite. They do however give you room to be left to your own pondering, if that's what you feel like, and in a way mirror the people they meet. And thus, when meeting the two of you, it is easy to feel happy and love life...


Norway, indeed seems the happiest place on earth. Lovely reflection of your trip. You do have the ability to bring out the best in people and have acquired so many friends along your journey. And the best is your zest to share these with others. Loved the videos.

Chandler Az

Your video should be a tourism promotional video for Norway! It looks so
beautiful, serene, and peaceful there. I've added a visit to Norway on my
bucket list now.


I agree with other readers. You have got us thinking about visiting this beautiful place and its amazing how quickly you were able to build some great memories from this trip. Thanks as always for sharing with us. Today I visited the Musical instrument museum with our kids and were amazed how music from all parts of the world sound so beautiful even though it comes from different instruments. Same way, as you travel the world I am sure you are experiencing the bounty of nature that gives you the same awe inspiring feelings.

Pulao Penang

Beautiful shots and wonderful stories.. somehow, it feels so comforting going through the video. What a serene place?

Ex Rable Rouser

I am in error! My apology.

Norway has not given a Mountain to Finland and Finland has nountains. It is a mountain Peak, Mount Halti, which would be the highest peak in Finland if indeed given to Finland (Needs fact check). It is now mired in Norwegian constitution, article 1.

I should have done better Fact Check! Can't always trust what you read but the mere thought of giving a "peak" to your neighbor is still inspiring. (My reflection)

Friend from Norway

I just saw your youtube video, great photos :-) Sometime i think how do my guest at the bus perceive Norway, you gave me the answer through the film.
I have seen alot of great films and pictures of my country, your film is now on my top ten list.

Now you know of the Norwegian summer, here are some pointers to what Norway can offer in the winter, This film are found on youtube and is NOT my work or property


In response to the PTP: the key to life is to understand and do God's will -- happiness is a desirable by-product of that.

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