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August 03, 2017



Indeed we still have a lot of nice people around. Reading this make me stay positive to our society. Thanks for the sharing!


You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give - Khalil Gibran

Time has changed now and has transformed us and so advanced. Where do you find these generosity any more!!!!!


When I first came to US for Masters, I was quite homesick. However, one of the janitor staff in that school started talking with me and would take me in her car to help me shop for things. After some time, She introduced me to the secretary of the Chair of the graduate study program Sybil Snider. Sybil was a very caring lady who started talking with me when she would find me in the hallway. We became friends and I started becoming more comfortable in US. She started calling me "her favorite student" to others when she would see me with people in the elevator or elsewhere. She invited me to meet her family during Easter that year. No doubt, this helped me a lot. Years later, I visited her again and guess what she introduced me to her new "favorite student". I was lucky to keep in touch with her until she passed away but always feel happy thinking about how she helped me.


Thank you Tom Clark, Bob Plimley, Larry Friedrich, Rich Poliak, Paul Jaquette, Marc Berube, Paul Wermer, Jim Harrison, Dipankar Bose, Anand (of course) and so many others who were so generous with their time and help in my Intel career. I would not be where I am without you.


So many people help me and touch my life daily; the hardest thing to do is to dwell and recognize those people that help over the non-helpers. The negative people always attract more attention in our minds, that's why taking time to be grateful is so important, thanks Anand for the reflection.


“It was in my heart to help a little because I was helped much." "
For things that are given away are never lost." They resonated so deep with me. Just back from my 3.5 weeks long vacation in California with my son, who's 15 years old. He was So impressed with his experience there, it was exactly the spirit of "giving out" and "be of help" that he felt strongly. When he was in the summer camp facing not only technical challenge but also language challenge to understand the course and design/finish his project within the week, his peer campers were always so helpful, readily giving their encouragement as well as constructive inputs to help him move forward and finally achieve his goals. We met my ex-boss and boss's boss, who were both very,very kind and hospitable, giving our little young man wise tips about life and career, something that is full of wisdom and would never be forgotten. Even the strangers were able to offer help to ease our travel. Things that we experience, friendship that we feel, all glued into extremely positive energy that so positively influenced us and made our stay in US such a positive and pleasant one! My son and I both are determined to carry forward the positive energy and spread the help to someone in need in life! Thank you Anand!


In addition to sharing your sentiments of gratitude, for all those gurus who allowed us to stand upon their shoulders, I am impressed that you were able to negotiate your way directly to the master's program, thus saving an inordinate amount of time and money.

I have also experienced in Academia, that it pays to go directly to the senior professors and ask for a chance. Many programs have a long list of prerequisites, but some of these are summarily waived if you are brave enough to request it and demonstrate your credentials and knowledge, as well as your passion and dedication to the decision makers.

I look forward to reading Part 2 of your saga...


Anand-Coincidently- this Sept 7th will be my 33rd anniversary in this country that I now call home. Helped countless times in countless ways in India and here. Sometimes I feel- how can I be so blessed? How can I ever pay this forward? So I make them laugh by being silly. Smiling is in my control- so I smile at every opportunity, so the next person can smile back at me :)And you know what I have started doing each morning? I say a big Thank you to no one in particular, and wish that I can do a small act of kindness that day.

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