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July 27, 2017


Shawn M.

Thanks Anand!

Your have so many memories becuase you have such a big heart to touch others on a different everlasting impression.

I hit the friendship lotto when I hit your car with a couch at the dump... who would have thought what was to come?

I love the music in that video of the birds!


Thank you Anand for taking time during your busy work life in the past to always share your wisdom through your stories. You inspired a lot of us to become more focused on people relationships over things that decay over time, even analytically minded people like me! Connecting with the past is something we don't do enough.


Love That picture!
Dear Anand- You probably have very little idea of the influence you have had on my personal and professional life. And I don't mean in terms of rewards and awards!I mean in terms of how I have begun to change the way I look at things, how I respond. I actually have started to say" good Morning" to my colleagues before jumping to the question that is Burning in my head :). I enjoy the stories of fun that my Boys have- who are now young men- instead of jumping to the questions" Have you met a girl yet? Are you going to look for another job? Are you going to buy a house!!!"
And so at the risk of sounding corny i am going to say "Thank you for being the big boss who was also a friend" :)


Anand, thanks as always for your friendship and for challenging everyone to pause, reflect, and be thankful.
The fun video you shared above reminds me of the work of Jazz musician and researcher David Rothenberg. He works with birds, whales, and insects to try to understand their musical language, and to jam with them. (If you think that other animals are not capable of language, communication, thought, planning, and emotional expression, you are most likely wrong in your assumptions!). Here is Mr. Rothenberg.


The connectedness of our friendships, our interactions, is a great topic of fascination. My own mother, a school teacher for over 40 years, has an excellent memory, and even in remote areas in Canada or China, she is always running into former students and their families, or friends in the art world (she also paints). This reflection reminds me of the great British science historian James Burke, whom I knew from his columns in Scientific American. Years ago, Burke made an amazing series of video presentations on BBC, called "Connections". Anand, I think you and many of your readers may enjoy them, courtesy of YouTube.


Yes people do come in our lives for a reason. Friday reflections have connected and touched people in so many different ways as is apparent from all the comments above. You do have the ability to bring out the best in every one through your stories, giving a chance to ponder and reflect and be enriched. Your ability to create such reflections based on the comments sent by readers making it so worthwhile and encouraging. Enjoyed both the videos sent by the readers.


Thank you for seeing in my something I didn't know was there; for changing the course of my career; and for your loyal friendship.


Anand, You used to include the quote, "Things that are given away are never lost", in you signature. This touched me long ago. As I mature, I am finding that giving away my things, talent, and knowledge are far more rewarding than getting them. As such, I have expanded your quote and adopted it as my own. It is critically important for me to be able to give these away. I shared recently with you the stories of my home renovation. In this case, I was honored to be taught how to complete many of the projects. Professional painters, drywallers, framers, flooring installers, all took the time to teach me the tricks to enable my success. I am so thankful for them. Each person is a dear friend who has willingly accepted my teachings in the past (often auto repair, or outdoors talents). I don't do it to get something in return. However, a gift given often grows and, more often than not, that transferred skill grows a brand new garden of talent in our surrounding community. Each seed has the potential to grow into a young plant that can seed others. It is now my responsibility to transfer these new skills to others.

“Things, talent, and knowledge that are given away are never lost”

"Thank You" from TPE

Thank you again! Anand.
Things That Are Given Away Are Never Lost -- it's so true. My life has changed a lot under your mentoring. I will always keep my eyes shinning and pass down the passion to next generation.

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