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June 15, 2017


Shawn M.


Good Corporate Citizen

Good one Bro! Recognize individuals in the story lines.

Well, it's also as they say in most part people leave managers not the company

Companies HR should be spending more time in developing monitoring and management their people managers because if you got wrong people manager on the job then company has more to loose by loosing most talented resources the Company hire but don't benefit from them! And when these highly talented resource go to some other place and that could be the competitor, thus these poor quality people manager ended up doing indirect damage to the company again!

A Quality Guy

I also recognize all of the individuals highlighted, and wish them continued success in their endeavors. And to those other "victims of the system", myself included, I encourage you to continue your quest towards your goal. You may not be there yet, but don't ever stop trying.

BQN Hall of Famer

Very well done. Point comes across crystal clear.


Within adversity lies opportunity. I have shared my personal story in this blog previously where I lost my initial jobs in this industry. But due to that, I focused on personal development and learning from my mistakes and how to work independent from your manager. I am very happy to see these individuals have shown their mettle by taking a setback and projecting them higher in their career.


What i take away from this reflection is that each of these individuals, dealt with the blow with integrity, professionalism and great attitude. They were not bitter, and they did not waste time moaning about it. Kudos to their graciousness and perseverance.

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