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May 04, 2017



Enjoyed your Friday Reflections today. I am see myself going through those transitions! Giving ARs left right and center :)


excellent.. its time to dawn a new role. Perhaps learning and unlearning are the key ingredients to a happier life. This is a beautiful sharing uncle about the growth of an individual and the bridging he tries to create between life and the meaning of life fed to him. Your awards are going to get different names but the place you are getting them are far richer and more enriching.



If you are going to truly retire, stop using corporate lingo such as "Getting certified for a diaper change and awarded preferred supplier by a grandson. (The real customer)". He is not your customer, he is your grandson. You don't have to get certified.

On a glass of beer at 2 PM in the afternoon, we can discuss this transition which I made earlier and certainly more smoothly.

Looking Forward

Yes, minimize “attachment” and learn “let go”J Buddha’s teaching J

I’m looking forward to part2 &3

Shawn Munguia

your friday reflections inspire more then you know...We learn from them more then you know... I am happy for you in all phases of your life... Phase 4 is off to a great start according to those awesome pics you send me... Lets chat more in person... see you at lunch today my friend

Timothy J Maloney

Anand: Nice! I learn more about my SC9 neighbor all the time, now that he's retired...☺ I read your article yesterday, right after I spent an afternoon much as I would often do at Intel--writing up some ideas for a conference paper author, after I noticed that the slightly mysterious data in his draft manuscript was explainable by some work I had written up from 2011-13. Hard to shake off old work habits when that happens...Eventually both of us will be put in our place, when the rest of the world does whatever we would do--and thus we are guaranteed a long life!

Raymond C Pineda

Anand - I just returned from a visit to my Mom's house. Before I left, I changed the burned-out light bulb in her stairwell ceiling. Before I started the activity, I put on some personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of hand gloves and safety goggles as a precaution. I also spent an extra 15 minutes with ladder positioning so as not to scratch her floors/walls. Some "corporate tendencies" will take time for "de-programming".


Hi Anand,
Really liked your story a lot! made me think of my transition from a highly process & system driven culture to a "chaos" culture where process is the word people want to avoid here, though still in a Corp. environment. After all the struggle, think I still have to carry on, do what I believe is the right thing for the Corp, just use different vocabularies and learn to adopt different approaches. Think your son is right, let go is the right attitude to return back to the sweet phase 4 of the life! :-)

Fred Neal

Anand- In life you become a sum of your experiences (so you can't erase them). It's the wise man who know when to use/share those experiences.

Food for thought:

Do continue to look at the little things in life that are right.

Don't look for things to fix unless it's something that you are responsible. Instead leave it for someone else to find and fix. It gives them the opportunity to find it and the pleasure of fixing it.

Be well my friend,
Fred Neal


Thanks Anand for sharing the difficulties of transitioning. As you noted, some of the behaviors valued in one environment is not given that much credence in a new place. But, it is not easy to change our way of thinking as most of it is subconscious due to the repetitions and reinforcements at work. But, being aware is a really good thing! Once Again, you have shared a valuable lesson to the FR readers!


I had to laugh, this is one of the most amusing comments I've ever read: Getting certified for a diaper change and awarded preferred supplier by grandson.

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