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May 18, 2017


The Driven

Very touching - thanks.


It is very disturbing, indeed, that many people, including myself long years back, are performing these important processes without proper understanding of and compliance to Quality Systems.

Nice, educational, and funny notes, Anand!

Yi Fang

Thanks for the sharing. Very touching and brought smile to me. It reminds me a lot about how we relate our work to the life and sometimes may forget about the pure joy of the life itself. And also I am trying to enjoy every single moment with my son recently Which brought joy and reflection to me.


If you still believe QOS is important to be installed into a family, I think it is time for you to get the feedback from your customers (grandsons). Having them to rate you! Ha! Ha!

George Q

Warm essay, a lot of thinking sparks between career and daily life......

Fr Pulao Penang

Having lots of fun with your grandchildren… Finding Dory is your next one (highly recommended) I’m sure you grandchildren will love it too…
Enjoy life… I love this - “enjoy the flow of life”


Wonderful….17x of watching finding nemo (this is really nice movie, so cute + full of love & care); certified for diaper change process, waiting for truck and delight many people (grandkid, truck guy and U too)…..continue to treasure yr experience

Shawn Munguia

"And finally, the process of burping him on my shoulder and the feeling in my heart of holding him is something hard to describe in words." -Anand

Oh what a feeling it is... indescribable indeed.

It makes me think as my own children grow older, these feelings only multiply and amplify.

I love family time... thanks Anand for sharing


Having no children of my own, I still love borrowing the neighbor kids to wrestle in the living room, ride dirt bikes through the garden, and just play in the woods. It is amazing what young people can teach us even if they think we are doing the teaching. I am listening to "Extreme Ownership" and find that I need to remember to tell my family and my employees "why" I wish to follow a particular path. Without the explanation of "why" there is very little room to talk about how to best get the desired result. This also leaves me vulnerable to not finding the best path. While this was not the focus of your story, it did touch a cord with me. Thank you for continuing to lead so many of us, Anand.


What a wonderful Friday reflection… and hilarious (P/T Ration, etc.) to boot.

Thank you for the wisdom, my friend.


That was lovely, I always enjoy your weekly letters.

Curious Malay

Next episode will be on Focal?? 


My triplets are now 16. I remember when they were in middle school and they see a baby or toddler, the comment is "Eww! Gross! "
Now that they're junior high school, the comment is "Oh! How cute". You can imagine how big my eyes grew and I said to them, No, I'm not taking care of any kids, No!No!
I don't miss the middle of the night wake ups, 4am showers because that's the only time available for me and the constant changing of diapers and did I say I have to keep a record of who got fed at what time, who had diaper changed and who took a nap? I surely don't miss those days!


Just a wonderful reflection Anand.
It brought back warm memories of my sons.
We learnt in a hurry - Accuracy of diapering - Absolutely critical to prevent Excursions!

Enjoy The time. Don't think back to years ago. LOL- Is this me- giving you advice?
Looking forward to Golden years #3

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