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December 16, 2016


Ex Rable Rouser

In the past, each succeeding generation believed their generation would have a brighter future/prospect than their parents. In fact, this had been the determinant factor for human kind to progress through history. Today's generation does not hold the same view. Many, if not most, believe the future generations will face ever looming issues: from global warming to education and jobs to quality of life. They think the older generations have mortgaged their future. The social economic divide among the younger generations and races is getting larger as evident by the Gini Coefficient. It is no longer a matter of teaching your parents and children well. We collectively need to take it very seriously and proactively tackle the crisis relentlessly before it reaches the inflection point.


I see the recent election as a desperate attempt by the "parents" to bring back the past (make America great again). The sad truth that everyone ultimately learns is that you can't bring back the past; that's impossible. The only thing you can do is build the future, and anything else you try is a waste of time.
My hope is that the rude shock of the election will rouse young people out of their apathy and convince them that voting is the duty of every citizen. If they had all voted we would have a different president-elect. Voting is part of building the future.


Parenting is just one of those rites of passage that cannot be explained to a child, but perhaps it can be sung with some distant effect, to help a child understand the tribulations of being a parent, and simultaneously to refresh the memory in parents of what life surely must have been like when we were their age...

The famous quote by Mark Twain is (or perhaps misattributed but nevertheless in character, and conjures a chuckle), "When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."

I can think of 3 such memorable songs about parenthood, which moved me before I could imagine about the pleasures and placations of fatherhood. (I am not going to list Pat Benatar's "Hell is for Children", though sometimes every parent feels the urge to sing a similar tune. ;-)

* First is Billy Joel's Lullabye.
* Second is Cat Stevens' Father and Son
* Finally there is Harry Chapin's Cats in the Cradle.
** Honorable mention must go to Jim Croce's beautiful song, Time in a Bottle
(written for his pregnant wife at the time, but could also be sung to a child.)


I have two teenage kids. In fact, I have just discussed about parenting challenges with my wife last night. This article came in in the right time. I will remain myself on this - Parent should not mold the kids as what we want them to be.
Thanks for sharing!


As I think of my past and teaching my children well... I think of actually how much my children teach me knew things. I like that wisdom comes from any age or generation... apply accordingly and happilly :)


I looked hard at the blog, but then I thought I might upset some people. Too many parents do not teach their children, do not instill the values they will require to lead a successful and moral life. They live for themselves. As I have said many times, “When you get married, it’s no longer about you, it’s about the marriage. And when you have children, it’s all about the children.” It is selfishness which brings us all down (people not accepting responsibility for raising their children to adulthood (a trait most wild animals understand and practice), the drugs (anti-depressants, marijuana, crack, etc.) to escape reality because people do not know how to cope, the thought that people can and should do anything they want to do (abortion just being one example). I remember the quote of the person to Padre Pio, “Father, I don’t believe in Hell.” And Padre Pio’s response was, “You will when you are there.”

Today, IMO (and you have heard this many times) the root cause of our problems in this country is the degradation of the family unit. Too many children born out of wedlock, too much divorce, too much greed and not enough respect for life and accountability for our actions. But real change takes effort and I don’t know if most people have the stomach for this type of change.


Thank you for this timely reminder, to just remember how we have been loved (as children), and how we can continue to love (our children) without judgment.

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