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November 24, 2016


Dennis Ferraz

Such honesty shows that Shawn probably was raised by parents who were ( are) either religious or with strong moral background. As humans we all must have respect for our neighbor. A neighbor is any person on the streets, and not necessarily one that lives next door. I would love to be Shawn's neighbor. If we all respect our neighbor or even care for a neighbor's needs, this world would be such a beautiful place. How can America instill this kindness, respect for others, etc, ? : crime would decrease and the world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing Shawn' s honesty in your reflections on Thanks Giving Day.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Dennis Kumar Prem Chandran

Nice story. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family Anand.. God Bless!

Note from Shawn (received by e mail) posted by Anand

Anand and Luisa

Wow... that was truely heart warming. I am humbled and honored that you not only chose to write about me but to save it for Thanksgiving.

It's no coincidence that we were all supposed to become friends. In my line of business, all my co-workers work alone and unsupervised... and I always talk to them about what kind of person are you when no one is watching... and that was the title of your post. My eyes watered up when reading that.

I am not one to look for a pat on the back or whatnot... but it sure did make me feel so blessed to know you saw the good and even went as far as to share it with others.

Perhaps it will touch others to do the same. But most importantly I'm glad it touched you guys and that our bond was made that day.

I have been short 2 coworkers for some time now and I have been swamped. But 2 more are starting shortly and my normal daily routine will be here soon sometime around the new year. First thing on my agenda after that is to have lunch with my new friends Anand and Luisa. I like to surround myself with people who have hearts like yourselves and can't wait to get know more about you guys.

Until then my friends- have a wonderful, amazing Thanksgiving.

God Bless


On Nov 24, 2016 1:07 PM, "Anand P Shah" wrote:


Thanks for such a heartwarming story.
After going through this election cycle on both sides of isle, this gives great hope. There is still a lot of goodness in our country.


Thanks Anand for sharing this interaction with Shawn for the rest of us. I completely believe that there are a lot of good people in this world whom we meet "accidentally". Today, I asked my daughter to write thank you letters to her 3 teachers in school who have done a lot to take care of my daughter's special needs and let her blossom. Last fall, we had to keep our daughter for 1 day in the hospital for checkup. It was a class day and the children's hospital is quite far from our neighborhood. I was so surprised when I got a call that morning that my daughter's class teacher will stop by in the evening to read her a story and chat with her. To me and to my daughter this act of kindness will be remembered forever. She took the extra effort to drive 45 mins each way on a school day to spend some time with my daughter and tell her how the class went. There is goodness all around us, and you are the primary example for a lot of us! Happy Thanksgiving to all FR readers.

CS Penang Malaysia

Great reflection article! Thanks, Anand. It is so true…. Nothing can buy integrity and honesty, it’s so important whether it’s due to karma belief or just really pure little heart. Haha…

Believer in America

If you want to know what makes America Great here is an example. We need people like This in Washington.

Raymond C Pineda


Anand - Thank you for sharing this wonderful and timely story. On a parallel that same car repair shop in your story, I have been a happy repeat customer for over 10 years because the people there also have high integrity. Good car repair shops are very hard to find, and I am still thankful for this referral by a friend.


Wonderful story and heart warming note from Shawn too. God bless. Happy holidays


Wonderful… inspiring too.

Avelina Namoumou

Bula Anand. Lovely story. Hope to see you back in Fiji.

JH- Malaysia

So right!!!!


My dad recently had a somewhat similar experience... but he was on the other side of the situation. He was driving in traffic and didn't step on the brake in time. He hit the car in front of him, but it wasn't a strong hit.

Both he and the driver in front got out of the car. He immediately apologized. The driver in front was a young man, perhaps in his early 20s. The bumper of his car has gotten out of location. My dad immediately offered to pay him a sum of money, to get his car fixed. In return, he said, "No, that's too much. It'll only cost XX. That'll be enough".

My dad was shocked in most ways. Firstly there were no shouting (coz that's what happens every time there's an accident here), and secondly, he couldn't believe it when more money is offered, someone would honestly tell you it's ok.

I met with an accident early of this year too. Unlike my dad's, my car was hit pretty badly. The guy in the car who hit me from behind is a Mexican, living as an expat in Malaysia. The first thing he said to me when he got down of his car was, "Are you OK? Are you hurt?".

More often, we as humans are compassionate beings. We care, even for strangers. How that has changed in some places are really beyond my understanding, but by nature, I still want to believe that humans are capable of caring more than anything else. :)

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