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November 03, 2016



this is very timely reminder before November 8; unfortunately, it looks like about half of the nation is not too enthusiastic about embracing the very notion of diversity....


Just to clarify how this reflection came about. I have many new topics for Friday Reflections but for this week I was thinking about a topic based on the wonderful experience I had last Saturday evening at a friend's place. There were people of different races and color and we had great dialogues about many topics. The great feeling I left with was "there is so much that we share that it is time that we are aware it is a small world after all." In light of current stressful environment in my country i was pondering a lighter topic.

Having failed to select an appropriate story as the normal publication time passed, I opened FR archives and don't know why clicked straight on Page 27. And this reflection from 2007 appeared. Seems sometimes answer comes to us when we need it the most (but in a strange way)


LOL- How timely- is this reflection!
Last week and this- we are celebrating our biggest festival of the year- Diwali( festival of Lights: celebrating good conquering the evil...). Typically- I would be in town having made a few of the special foods to take to work and to my neighbors, put lamps around the house, did the specific rituals, and attended Diwali parties at friends' houses- with the usual suspects.
But this year- We went to Cancun- to attend a dear friends' daughter's wedding. One would imagine that I would have missed all the auspicious days- but I didn't!. During the 3 days, I met folks from Italy, Thailand, Ireland, Germany, Vietnam, Columbia ,and Dominica. We talked about so many different festivals, foods & rituals. And during the wedding- we were all just one family- witnessing the start of a new stage in the life of the Bride and groom. I felt that this Diwali was truly a celebration of all that is good in the world.
And the cherry on top- My sons were proud of us- that our typical fear of not following Hindu traditions- did not stop us from sharing a different kind of joyous occasion with our friends.


The importance of taking part in something larger than oneself is wondefful advice. I could not agree more.
The importance of diversity is another point well taken. It is essential for the long term survival of any group, organization, or species. To focus otherwise, on homogeneity or worse eugenic purity, is typically the recipe for disaster in life.
I think I will take issue with the statement that diversity requires significant effort. I think children are naturally curious and interested in people with different appearances or practices. Kindergarten age kids have no problem making friends with other kids of different backgrounds and cultures. Yet that natural curiosity and adaptability is somehow lost as we get older and become ingrained into a more specific niche in society. So, I would argue that the effort required is not that of seeking out diversity, but rather it is that of unlearning the limitations of curiosity and toleration that once came naturally, but was since replaced by foolish notions of fear and insecurity.

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