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August 19, 2016



Good story and it is very applicable for today's working professional. Thanks!


It's much better to mix like sugar and milk, certainly, than lemon juice and milk (causing it to curdle). However, a nuance here is that you want to blend with the culture (milk) and make it sweeter (as sugar) but not completely lose your own identity at the same time. Everyone brings their own uniqueness (flavor) to a group and that should be heralded (like the sugar and milk story).


A good, catchy title. What are some good ways to blend into a new organization and be the sugar? Most times, we spend time understanding the culture and trying to assimilate.


very nice :)


it's a simple story but holds profound meanings. Very well said on the difference b/w cream and sugar. When we move to the new environment/ new org, it's important to quickly mingle with the team, and make a positive impact to the new team through what we can offer (be the sugar :-))!

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