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July 28, 2016



I'm glad that I was introduced to this site. The posts that are written are definitely priceless.

Watching the video elevates the doubts I've had this week, a doubt on myself if what I do really does matter. I think it's time to realize that being able to make an impact to even just one individual is an achievement as to not attempting to even try.

Thanks for everything. The impact from this site alone has been so great.

Email from a friend  (posted by FR team)

Thank you for the reflection. This one is a specially meaningful one as a small thing as a time is all I can do to make a difference.

I was really thirsty in the late afternoon waiting for a customer's meeting. I walked into a Chevron/Subway shop. As I was getting ice, I saw a man sitting down to have his instinct noodle. He smelled terrible. I took a chance of possibly offending him and asked him whether he'd like a sandwich. He did. I got him a foot long roasted sandwich with everything he wanted in it plus coke and chips. He was very appreciative. I had to go see the customer and left him after saying 'enjoy your sandwich.' I wondered what his story was but just wanted to let him know that we do care. That's all I can do.

Have a great weekend.

Best regards,

A teammember from China.

*Thanks for keeping share these awesome stories with us. Three years ago, when I was still fresh in my career, I seldom read your Friday Reflection carefully. And the only thought I had is: These are all “big words” that are useless for my real life. But, today, as the growing of my maturity onoth personality and professionalism, I use your stories as tool to understand more on life, inspire more on what I should do and generate some OBT solutions. Believe it or not, I even can feel my understanding of the life/world is deeper and my goal is clearer every time after the brainstorm triggered by your stories.

I highly respect the leadership you demonstrated, And I believe that’s the “true” leadership. People manager does not equal to leader. Leader should do more than “get the subordinates’ job done”. Leader should always inspire his team and team member to think, to do, and to innovate, then create record or reach where they never thought before in both professional and personal life. That’s exactly what you are doing now!!!

Thanks again! If I can be a little successful in the future, no matter in or out of our company, definitely I need to thank you and your stories that changed my mindset.

*this comment from 2009 was supposed to be part of the main body of today's reflection. Reposted in here by FR team.


Yes, thank you for doing this.. helps so many of us each week.. thank you!


Very true. But "materials things" given to me or given by me- have been lost. However the wisdom and inspiration that I have received through the FRs these past 9 years- will never be lost. Often times I have passed them down to my sons and even my husband who initially made some wise cracks :)

Thank you Anand!

Anne Chong

Yes, FR always inspired us. Sometimes it linked to our daily life happenings. After reading it, we gets a new perspective in seeing the things that we were involved. Keep it going and hope it will be on forever!

California Guy

Dear Anand,

Your FRs are one of many ways where you have made an impact directly to me or indirectly through family and friends. Your FRs and your many additional offline PTPs will never be lost for quite a while because I and your audience will continue to share them with others explicitly in our dialogues or implicitly in our actions.

Thank you!


Dear Anand,
A late revert to this FR but had to share my feelings. FR has been an absolute inspiration to me by way of reading your stories over such a vast span of your working life. Very thought provoking but most importantly your ability to share these with so many readers. Very proud of you and Thank you.

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