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July 21, 2016



Thank you for your words of wisdom that you share all the while..

Ly' Nguyen

I deeply love some quotes of yours. they are so meaningful.
I was also impressed at first with the quote: "Everything is OK in the end. If it is not OK then it is not the end". (Footnote in all your emails)

Ly Nguyen

Also, You had many nice shots about Cambodia as well, I like the way you look at local life over there, your view is really not a tourist's view, you catched various aspects of Cambodian local life.


Great reflection.. thank you, my friend


Thanks Ly. Every life and situation has a beautiful story.I observe and then share with friends.


Thanks. That quote " everything is ok..' Was first sent by my daughter on July 13 2001. It used to be in her messages and since then in mine. A few years ago very similar quote was in the movie Marigold Hotel. That was long after Analisa sent to me. Nowadays I also find it in some greeting cards. I guess good things move fast in Internet age. Anyway Things that are given away are never lost.


so beautiful, so intense...Thanks for sharing Anand.

Sharvary- email (posted by FR team)

Enjoy each and every one of your Friday reflection.
The pictures of your trip to Cambodia sent on 8th July have inspired few of my friends to visit these places. Hope we can make it.

By the way, just to let you know, I have saved every Friday reflection sent to me since it's inceptionEmoji

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