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February 18, 2016


Sleepy in San Francisco.

Realization that things are not all that bad after reading this. I am falling asleep. Goodnight.


Soft music


Well, this is a different way to look at things.

Pulao Penang

Thx- This is a good one. Something that I need very much…

Ramon Santos

Looking at the same things but thinking differently. One man sees problems, the other blessings.

Mark Dennen

Some people have the ability to compartmentalize problems, not having them them affect daily activities or their sleep. That is wonderful, but I know I don't have that ability. I have a "worry closet" and I keep it full. Constantly churning things around in my head gives me the ability to consider more possibilities as I seek a solutions to some of those difficult problems, realizing in life, there are some dangers lurking from which there is no recovery - kind of like chess, one bad move and it is game over.


i liked #7,,thanks for sharing


Good points! I love the way you see things in a positive way.

Collette Seunghee Son

Being optimistic and easy going attitude definitely help me getting into fast asleep. And a bit of wine too ;)
Thank you Anand! SH Son

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