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February 04, 2016



Was there any sort of alignment before you trust the gardener?

From China

I’m glad to receive these meaningful stories on the past whole year as my additional reading materials. As known that, Chinese traditional Spring Festival is around the corner. I want to take use of this chance to send my best wishes to you on the New year. THANKS. 

Best Rgds/

Thinking of you in Taipei

Thanks for continuing sharing the best stories.
I had frequent conversation w/ Colleague. We are both so proud of being w/ MQR.
Wish you and your family the best for the coming Monkey Year!!

penang friend

Love this story .

I do the same to the auntie- a lady who come to clean my house daily – never keep track of her job and make sure I pay her on time and share my good with her as much as possible.
Many people refused to use her- claiming her job is not clean and etc and asking how I can trust her. I hv been using her for 8 yrs with no problem.

My response: Imagine if you are already in yr early 50s, having knee joint problem and still needing to work to make a living. Leaving family and friends behind going to a country…… How would u want to be treated ?


Chinese has below saying...
Do not use the person you do not trust;
Trust him/her if you are using them.

Anyhow, seems like I can learn even more from today's reflection. I really like the gardener analogy.

Mark Dennen

My Japanese manager of eight years once told me, "Unlike most Japanese companies, we don't have spies from the home office working here. I believe if you trust people, you don't need spies and if you don't trust people, then you fire them and hire people you do trust."


This is a great Friday Reflection….. so much wisdom in such a short story.

Thank you for passing it along

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