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April 02, 2015




In the play Damon and Pythias, a classic story about friendship, there is the following line (which may have influenced Shakespeare,too):

"Pythagoras said that this world was like a stage,
Whereon many play their parts; the lookers-on, the sage
Philosophers are, saith he, whose part is to learn
The manners of all nations, and the good from the bad to discern."

I think I may speak for many colleagues by stating that we were not "unknowingly" your fellow players, as we have made been keenly aware through your leadership of the existence of the stage and the audience, and the show that must go on.

For this I am very thankful. Wishing you the best on your future adventures and performances beyond the corporate walls.

One of the members of my family is a performer at heart, and a fan of the TV Show Glee (despite the sometimes corny storylines and dialogue, it had excellent music and performances within each episode). For you, here is one example: a reminder to stay young and passionate.

California Guy

"Live long and prosper." -Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

Leonard Nimoy is famously known as Mr. Spock from the "Star Trek" American television and movie series. And Leonard Nimoy also performed very well on other stages not related to his acting role in "Star Trek": acting roles in other television series, narrator, director, musician, photographer, author, activist.

Barry Warmkessel

Good Luck Anand


I really appreciate your so warm and so friendly support always to me for long time

Don H Lee

You've been a great actor and director to make something different with full of imagination and invigoration.


Well Said: For it is what you learn and what you do with it that lasts far longer than any career achievement.


Congratulations Dad!

Tyrone Benson

It has been my joy and privilege to receive these thought-provoking gems from you, Anand. Thank you for that! Snap, snap, snap, snap, ...


Dear Anand. Thank you for this unique perspective. For years I have struggled to communicate with family and friends while wearing my Intel mask. Those that are closest to my natural core are not accustomed to the role we must play to be successful and productive at Intel. The pace here is faster. The tolerance for foolishness is lower. The expectations for output and commitment to timeline is much greater. I like my Intel role. Indeed I love my Intel role. However, it appears course and rigid to those that do not understand it. They have learned to wait for me to "turn off" or step off stage before engaging me unless it is an emergency. As I mature, I find that both roles compliment each other. What I have learned at Intel applies at home. My skills honed in educating suppliers make it fun to teach in the community. The reward of watching a child achieve something they never even dreamt prior is my greatest. I love teaching other instructors to have the confidence to stand before an audience of students. Each step they take makes them better able to achieve goals in their homes and their careers. Together, we open doors for each other. The lessons I learn from so many different people in so many fields external to Intel help me think differently. As a result, I can more quickly engage and motivate my suppliers to achieve our mutual goals. Your story helps me to remember that it is okay to change masks as long as we are making positive contributions on the stages we have chosen.


Very well written. Enjoyed it tremendously.

Now it is time to discover life outside the theatre. As pointed out by Melville, man is myopic with his eyes so close together. He tends to focus and misses much of the big picture. A whale, on the other hand, has its eyes on the sides of its head, so it can see the whole world. You should come and see Cape Cod, a place where you can stand and gaze with all of America behind you. A free room always available, you just need to fly out.

Fortunate to have been part of your play

Anand- Congratulations and wish you the very best life can offer. Besides my parents, there is not one single other person that I have been influenced by or look up to as much as you. This is NOT the final curtain call. I hope to see you perform on a bigger stage - but only when you want to. If I say any more I will only just cry.


Thanks Anand for all the Life stories. You were the inspiration behind me sharing this story in FR. I saw first hand how you developed the best in people through fun and challenge.


What a beautiful essay…. So well written and from the heart.

Thank you for sharing


Congratulations on stepping into your next milestone. Even though we have not met in person, I have appreciated all your wise and insightful notes. Thank you!

BQN Old-Timer


Just as you learned to make life lessons meaningful through story-telling, you have led by example with your enthusiasm for your roles. But at the core there is a consistency of purpose and caring for all your fellow players. You will be sorely missed and well remembered, and I wish you joy as you continue to focus on your family and personal passions. I will throw another well-worn Shakespeare quote from "As You Like It":

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,

I hope to continue to receive stage directions from you in the form of Friday Reflections as you stand off-stage.


A Quality Guy

Anand - Congratulations and best wishes on your next act. You are a friend and mentor. I've enjoyed your performances through the years, and will miss the unique perspective that you bring to situations. I've learned a lot from you. Best wishes in your future pursuits.


Thank you very much. We learned so much from you at work and from FR stories. We all wish your next stage of life will be healthy and happy.

Ken Chee


The acting never ends. Just the audience may change. Now our grandchildren looks up to us for another experience. Our only hope is that we left them something to remember. And we will always remember you. Thank you for the sharing.

Well Wisher and to be a Life Long Friend

…and the public and his fellow stage companions gave him one last final standing ovation with tears in their eyes.

Anand, although I feared this moment was coming, it’s still painful for me to see you leave. .....will never be the same without you. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your mentoring wisdom and your unwavering friendship. You were the first ...person who reached out to welcome me when I joined the org. Over the last 2.5 years, you’ve been a lot more than colleague: a friend, a role model, someone I could trust. THANK YOU. The seeds you planted throughout your long and illustrious career have grown into a beautiful redwood forest. Your accomplishments and your legacy, transmitted to your employees and colleagues, will endure long after you leave the company. I wish you the best of retirements, with a long, healthy life full of exciting new projects. As for our friendship, it will not stop with something as mundane as a retirement. Let’s keep in touch.


Anand - Thank you so much for your past inspiring coaching and reminding FR stories from which we learned so many. We all wish your next stage will continue to be successful with health and happy family.


I am grateful for your invitation to share in the Friday reflections and have found them covering a vast range of thought provoking to entertaining, but always with a key learning to take away for my betterment. I now regret entering the reflections relatively late based on our only recent association and the prospect of missing them going forward. Well, it is better to have experienced some then not at all. Best to you and continue your generous sharing going forward.

Thank You from TPE


Thank you so much for everything you have done to the organization!! Tons of stories I can share w/ my sons. Wish you best on your next stage….

Anna Sung

I would like to take this chance thank your for your friendship, coaching and mentoring. Although we didn’t get to meet often, every time I met you, I learnt a lot and appreciate your warm words. You have very different leadership. Enjoy your new life. I will miss you.




Pinoy Quality Guy

Quality professional I believe should be actors for they must wear different hats in every decision. Sometimes the hero, sometimes the villain (when we prioritize customers over internal measurements)


Very nice!
I congratulate you on your very positive perspective of life. As someone has commented, after all, the world is a big stage and all of us are performers! Looking forward to meet you soon!


Very interedtingly conveyed. A warm welcome to your next stage, Anand Uncle!


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,...
From As you like it by Shakespeare
All the world's indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage...
From Limelight by RUSH

Your Hungarian friend.

Hi Anand,

Sorry for the late answer, I was very busy in the last one and a half week. I just red your article and As I can see you really enjoyed your job, which is one of the most important thing in our life, this is my opinion. If you hate to go to your workplace every day you will not be happy. I know what you mean. When I left my country I really loved my last workplace, because I really loved my collegues and I can say that my job too. Every day when I woke up and I started to go to my workplace I was very happy, because I knew I will have an other good day with my collegues. I hope you will enjoy your retirement years like you enjoyed your life before retirement. :-)
Have a great day!

Best regards,


I learned so much from you today! Thank you! Congratulations and may the force be with you I.e. your next acting!!!!

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