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April 23, 2015



This story (Good Employees are hard to find. Have a nice boss’s day) makes me reflect on my thoughts after reading your FR last week (What’s Your Worth?)…

I questioned myself last week after reading the FR on what is my portfolio? I even had a skills/career development discussion with my wife… (we don’t talk much about this kind of things)
The recognition as good employees or even good entrepreneurs will be the consequence of us constantly looking at ways to improve/add into capability portfolio.

A friend from Taipei

There are so many good reminders for me here, especially as I make another job transition.

I really like this one, it’s rather timely.
2. A good general always inspects his ground before he goes into the war (Patton Quote told by my former boss Jim Boyd). He used to emphasize to new hires the need for studying the environment before starting to make major changes.

I still struggle with this one I think.
You must know your personal worth. (Gary Remmen)

I need to figure out this as a manager
A desk is a dangerous place to view the world. I don’t want desktop engineers and tabletop managers. (Jim Boyd - It was the late 70s. We had only one conference room in the entire plant. Meetings took place on production floor.)

I need to work on this, it’s a good reminder.
And one of the the things he learned was to hold back from flaunting his knowledge (which was plentiful), instead asking inquiring questions. In turn, we as employees learned through practical experience by doing, making mistakes, and correcting them. Through his approach, he motivated and inspired outstanding performance from his employees.

This is exactly how I was introduced to my first job and Process Engineering by my first manager.
You can’t be a good engineer unless you have experienced all aspects of the processes yourself. Go and install some flow meters, clean the tubes and vacuum pumps with technicians, mix some acid baths and load some boats in furnaces before you start working on the process. (Joe Z)

Thank you as always for sharing, and I hope that you’ll continue sending these out

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