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January 08, 2015



our wants are many but our needs are a few.


For some of us, work can be an enjoyment and the life purpose, while playing guitar with amigos is a nice side hobby


A good reminder. Thanks


For some of us, work can be an enjoyment and the life purpose, while playing guitar with amigos is a nice side hobby


Coincidence: The story in Huffington post today The #1 Stressor You Need to Eliminate in 2015 (And 62 Ways to Do It)

the fisherman story is simpler and shows just the one way to eliminate stress. (:-


when i read this reflection, it remind me of John Lennon. When he was young, teacher gave an assignment to write an essay about what do the students want to be in life.
john wrote "Happy"
the teacher send it back to John with a nore---You did not understand assignment
to that John replied then you donot understand life.

KEW (Kevin)

But what happens when someone else commercializes his fishing area and he can no longer live off the ocean..... see it's fears like that that keep us all turning the crank :) C'est la vie.... rather C'est la capitalism :)



Mark Dennen

A job is not a life, it is a means to a life. For too many, the job is their life and that is very sad.

Don Lee

The American investment banker knows that current life of the fisherman will be the goal of that fisherman eventually - no change but the American looks like suggesting the fisherman to push out enjoying current happy life for 15-20 years to earn Millions. We may be making the same mistake as the American investment banker is doing in the story.

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