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November 06, 2014



Wouldn't it be great if all employees worked for the name on the top of the badge, not on the bottom?

CJ Chia

This paragraph sums it up all: What I believe remained over these past five years is that the Giants leadership have ingrained a philosophy into their culture from the executive offices all the way to the players and personnel on the field. That culture promoted the belief in the strength of the whole, of the team, over any individual member. While the people the organization may have changed, that belief in the team as a whole has remained consistent, and illustrates the Giants commitment to their constancy of purpose


Against all odds normally refers to past experiences. Winners create stories to be told in the future.

Team Player

That is why I always liked uniforms with only the name on the front.


It all comes down to the leadership message and mantra that everyone understood as a team and culture it created as, "we are in it to win it!", and that delivered the results. Any organization and in any circumstances can have such winning outcome though such a sound leadership and team work. Excellent article Rajiv; Thanks for sharing your thoughts and points to ponder!

K R Tan (Sports fan0

Well Said---In its best sense, sports shows us the capacity of human performance on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, and interpersonal. At the risk of sounding cliché, sports can show us the very best we can be when statistics and expectation might say otherwise. Sports express what analysis cannot - the human spirit.

Thank You for a very nice story.


I do not know baseball but I understand the message. Won't be great for employees and stockholders if the companies operated this way?
Your example of Mr.Cabrerra is a good lesson for building great teams. No room for lack of ethics or teamwork no matter how good is the player in techniques.


Thank God it is Friday and Thank You that Friday Reflections is back again after 2 months absence. Love this reflection.


Play for the greater good;Never give up;Value each member of the team ;Play with heart and love and integrity
This is a mantra to LIVE by- not just work by.
A good parent, sibling, Friend will make their child, sibling, friend believe that they are capable of more than they thought.
I second Kai- Thank God it's Friday; Thank God for the Friday reflection; Thank god for a good boss at a great place to work.


Wonderful, insightful commentary on the kind of culture it takes to drive a team to be over-achievers. None of the national announcers or media mentions the culture of the organization, but that combined with the incredible managerial skill of Bruce Bochy is what gives the Giants their unbeatable edge over all the "superior" teams they play.
Go Giants!


I read the FR. It aptly illustrates how organizations are more than (or sometimes less than) the sum of their parts. I think we also see in the Giants some elements of both leadership and management. The best speech I’ve ever heard on that topic is here: (The first several paragraphs talk about graduation robes, but then the speaker transitions to leadership vs. management.)

Giants Fan

Great story and messages. And not just because I am a Giants Fan….  Thanks for sharing.


Leadership is about getting the best from a team which consists of individuals who have their own personal interests. It comes only when the members can trust the leader. Without trust, there is no influence. Without influence, there is no leadership. Trust only comes through mutual interactions and kind gestures. This is not easy to feign.

Penang Girl

This is true


one of your best!


I love this BTW!!!!! Great quote, I wish some folks would take it to heart

Student of Yours

Very well written! This winning story also teaches us the important of having a "Vision" for an organization. The vision will drive each teammates to focus on achieving the common goal/dream (prioritize success of bigger organization over personal interest).

California Guy

Similar organizational concepts can be applied to a family unit, especially for the parents, each of whom must "wear different hats" depending on the circumstance. As individuals, each parent must ensure that they work to ensure the strength of their respective mind and body. As a married couple, each parent is a spouse to the other and must work to strengthen their union. As parents, both must work to strengthen the family unit as a whole as well as to develop each of their children so they are ready to live as independent adults. As parents, we are challenged to recognize the importance of each circumstance and to make sure we give appropriate emphasis to each circumstance at the appropriate phase of the family unit lifecycle in order to keep the family unit strong.

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