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August 14, 2014


Passionate and Persistent

Several years ago, Robin appeared on Inside The Actors Studio. Full show is Must Watch. Here is the end part where Robin answers student questions about Risk Taking, Continuous Improvement. Must not miss his answer to the third question related to What was his best performance.....

Sad in Shanghai

Awesome Tribute (1 minute)


Apprpriate Reflection


Your candle burned out long before Your legend ever will.
Good Bye Robin until we meet again.

micro CEO

Robin Williams passing has come as quite a shock. How could such a talented, accomplished, and caring person take his own life? How such a great man with happy family have fallen into spirals of depression and substance abuse? Was it pressure to constantly perform above expectations? Was it related to Parkinson's? There are so many troubling questions.

But I will always think of Robin Williams as the iconic actor/comedian whose performances always had the right messages at the right times in my life. From Mork and Mindy to Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, Good Morning Vietnam, Moscow on the Hudson, Insomnia,Peter Pan, Dead Poet's Society, Good Will Hunting, and Awakenings. He made all of these roles exceptional and memorable. I have perpetually been in awe of his Julliard-trained talent and charisma.

That a comedian should commit suicide seems the most ironic of fates. The "pagliacci joke" from Alan Moore's book "Watchmen" was aptly mentioned in one obituary. This tragedy has no logic. Those who have faced depression will attest that most of the advice or help that well-meaning people will try to offer is either useless or counter-productive. That's what makes it so difficult.

One serious Robin Williams film I have not seen is "Fisher King". The subject of that film sounds oddly appropriate. In fact, the original Arthurian mythical figure Fisher King, who suffers a wound that will not heal, also seems oddly appropriate in this context. Perhaps it is time to watch that one now. In Williams' honor. May he rest in peace.


One of my favorite Robin Williams scenes:


Every other comedian I ever watched, whether they were good or not, left me feeling like they were TRYING to be funny. I never once got the impression that Robin Williams was trying to be funny; he was simply letting us see his baseline personality, and we found it utterly hysterical. What a gift.

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